• The Great One

    well thats good he will be under contract when WWE buys out TNA.

    • tim

      not going to happen both having success!why u want to see just 1 wrestling company anyway?when that happened in 2001 wrestling kind of got boring!!tna going to be around for a long while so get used to it!!its more wrestling than entertainment!!!so its not the same as wwe which is a good thing!!

    • http://wrestlingnewsworld.com Ace

      LOL. True

  • Dufus

    A one year contract is considered a long term contract? Kind of sad.

    • Richard Gray

      No, he originally signed a one-year contract (in May). It looks like that was extended given his rise in value.

      • mw

        why dont u answer my questions on ask wnw

        • Anand

          Richard probably gets 100's of questions every day. He would choose the best ones and answer them. He has answered one of mine so am sure its because your question is not properly spelt out or is a question that has already been answered. Check out the Ask WNW Archives…