WWE Smackdown House Show Results (12/3/11) – Augusta, Georgia

Wrestling News World reader Chris Cushman sent in the following report from yesterday’s WWE Smackdown house show from Augusta, Georgia: Ring Announcer Tony Chimel comes out and introduces General Manager Teddy Long. Long welcomes everyone to the show and announces the card for the night. * Ted Dibiase b. Jinder Mahal. Solid opener with the […]

Chris Benoit Biopic In The Works

SRG Films has announced that the company’s first film will be “Crossface,” a biopic about Chris Benoit. The film, which will be based on the book “Ring of Hell: The Story of Chris Benoit and the Fall of the Pro Wrestling Industry,” is tentatively scheduled for release in 2013. The official press release is below: […]

Tyler Reks Starts “MidCard Mafia” Animated Video Series

Tyler Reks has released an animated video of himself, Curt Hawkins, Tyson Kidd, and Drew McIntyre, the first episode of a series called “MidCard Mafia.” Reks explained the choppy audio and basic animation with this message on his YouTube channel: “Sorry guys, I’m not a pro animator. I’m just a dude with a laptop and […]

Mick Foley Set To Appear On Celebrity Wife Swap

Mick Foley is set to be one of ten celebrities to take part in the upcoming season of Celebrity Wife Swap, a special edition of the hit show Wife Swap in which two families swap wives with each other for 2 weeks. For the first week, the wives have to adhere to the original rules […]

WWE.com Article Calls For A Redesign Of The WWE Title; CM Punk & The Miz Give Their Thoughts

The official WWE website has posted an article which calls for a redesign of the “spinner” WWE Championship belt. The article, which explores possibilities of replacements for the championship belt, also features the opinions of CM Punk, John Cena, and The Miz. Punk had the following to say on whether he is in favor of […]

Evan Bourne’s Suspension Period Ends

Evan Bourne was suspended on November 1, so his first suspension for violating the WWE Wellness Policy has ended. Bourne is already locally advertised to face Dolph Ziggler for the United States Championship at house shows this weekend.

JR Discusses CM Punk, John Cena Turning Heel, Daniel Bryan As A Main Eventer, More

Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights: -@CMPunk is WWE’s hottest performer at the moment and connects better than anyone I’ve seen in a while with the fans. I’ve seen average in ring talents that were able to connect with the paying customers earn big money and […]

Second Report: WWE Raw House Show Results (11/30/11) – Yokohama, Japan

Wrestling News World reader Hiroaki Kawafuji sent in the following report from yesterday’s WWE Raw house show in Yokohama, Japan: * Santino Marella b. Drew McIntyre. Before the match, Santino asked ring annoucer to call “1, 2, 3(San)tino(Japanese reading)”, and showed squat. During the match, Santino said “Ouch” in Japanese . Santino hit the Cobra […]