Kofi Kingston As World Champion? Concerns For Undertaker And Lesnar? Divas Queen Of The Ring? Status Of Erick Rowan?

Do you think it’s too late for Kofi Kingston to become a WWE World Heavyweight Champion? If the scenario was right then I would say it’s never too late for anyone to become the World Champion. Look at Diamond Dallas Paige in WCW. He won their World Championship at the age of 43 years old […]

Is Dolph Ziggler Mirroring Shawn Michaels?

I was asked a question recently in an edition of Ask WNW about whether or not Dolph Ziggler was copying Shawn Michaels and almost taking similar characteristics to the man known as the Show Stopper. It’s not the first time the question has come into my mind. On a couple of occasions now I have […]

Can Seth Rollins Surpass CM Punk?

With Nikki Bella recently passing the record of being the longest reigning WWE Divas Champion of all time which ended AJ Lee’s run from holding the record, the attention now turns to whether or not someone can end the reign of CM Punk as the longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern era. Many have […]

Samoa Joe On Main Roster? WWE DVD Sets? Nikki Bella Beating AJ? Cody Rhodes Retired?

If you guys have any questions you want to submit for future editions of Ask WNW then please send them in to us by using this form or by sending us an e-mail to [email protected] While Samoa Joe was a main event guy in TNA and competing against the likes of Kurt Angle and Sting, […]

Podcast Corner: A Sit Down Interview With JD Boom

Welcome again everybody to another edition of the Podcast Corner, right here on Wrestling News World. Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the up and coming names of New Generation Wrestling, based out of Hull in the United Kingdom, JD Boom. We cover many different topics during this interview including […]

What Can’t They Just Say YES!?!?

There is one question many fans have been asking for months now regarding the status of Daniel Bryan; when is he coming back? Bryan has been out for a number of months now through injury and while he feels he is ready to go and has been cleared by an independent medical professional, WWE appear […]

Seth Rollins New Finisher? Cutting Back Part Timers? Ziggler Copying HBK? Can Anyone Beat Flair?

Welcome back again to another edition of Ask WNW. I can’t believe it’s already been a week since we officially re-launched the segment and I have to say I’m really pleased to see you all getting involved and giving your thoughts too. This segment is all about sparking debate and it’s great to see how […]

NGW Collision Course 2015 Review

Last night I had the privilege to attend the latest show from UK based company New Generation Wrestling, who are based in Hull, where they staged their latest show called Collision Course. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the New Generation Wrestling product they are a family friendly based product and one of the most […]

WWE Events At Baseball Stadiums? Naomi As Divas Champion? Potential Roster Cuts? Tazz Back To WWE?

Welcome back to another edition of Ask WNW. I hope you have enjoyed the opening two editions so far this week since it’s return. I know a few people have expressed their disappointment that Richard isn’t back doing this full time, and we totally get where you’re coming from. But think of it this way; […]

Is Nikki Bella One Of The All Time Greatest Divas?

Monday night on Raw saw Nikki Bella defend her WWE Divas Championship against Charlotte, in a match that would determine whether or not Nikki Bella surpassed AJ Lee as the longest reigning WWE Divas Champion of all time. While many fans expected Charlotte would end Nikki’s reign right before she could surpass AJ’s record, many […]

Sting Over Seth Rollins? Hardy Boyz Or Lita To Return To WWE? Will Daniel Bryan Be At Night Of Champions? Divas Triple Threat Iron Woman Match?

Welcome to the season premiere of Ask WNW! We figured that with the season premiere of Raw last night we should kick Ask WNW back into action, only with a slightly different approach. For a long time now Richard has been answering your questions on a regular basis and there now probably isn’t a question […]