The Smackdown Breakdown – Bryan Is Breaking Down!

Last week, WWE released 7 NXT developmental prospects, including 2 very promising stars in Briley Pierce and Audrey Marie and that has started the questions of whether or not more cuts may be coming down the pipeline.  And after Monday’s Raw and Wednesday’s Main Event, I believe we may have seen the first two of […]

The SmackDown Breakdown – Teddy’s Abuses Of Power

Welcome to this week’s Breakdown!  Instead of doing like I normally do and talk about some issue at hand, considering Extreme rules is just about here, I want to promote the Predictions that myself and the other writers wrote up for you.  We had a great group this time, and I hope you enjoy them. […]

WWE Predicts – Extreme Rules 2013

  Welcome to WNW’s Extreme Rules Predictions!  Exteme Rules will be emanating from the Scottrade Center in Randy Orton’s hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.  This month, I, “Your Bastion of Logic and Reason” Jesse Sherwood, am taking over for Kendra, as she has a prior commitment.  In addition to myself and “The Queen of WNW” […]

The Smackdown Breakdown – The Kick Heard Around The World

It has been a rough month and a half for WWE in regards to injuries!  Punk had to be shelved due to having so many injuries piling up, Triple H a muscular injury coming out of Wrestlemania, Lesnar was knocked out (concussed) at Wrestlemania, The Rock had his hernia at Wrestlemania, John Cena injured his […]

The Smackdown Breakdown – Justice Is Served

The Smackdown Breakdown is a weekly opinion based review of Smackdown posted for the enjoyment of everyone here on WNW.  As such, I don’t expect everyone to agree with me.  If you do disagree, I encourage you to comment.  But I ask that you please do so civilly, as WNW has a fantastic community that […]

The Smackdown Breakdown – Fandango Gets His Groove On

After the issues that occurred in Kendra’s Raw Is Blogged this week, I feel the need to add in a disclaimer starting this week. The Smackdown Breakdown is a weekly opinion based review of Smackdown posted for the enjoyment of everyone here on WNW.  As such, I don’t expect everyone to agree with me.  If […]

The Smackdown Breakdown – WrestleMania Needs More Hype

WWE has created some real controversy this week with Punk’s “desecration” of the Urn and the ashes of Paul Bearer.  And while I was very vocally not happy with how the angle played out on Monday night, after looking back on it, I realized that I reacted exactly like Vince and the Creative team wanted.  […]

The Smackdown Breakdown – Like A Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

WWE has really dropped the ball this year with the Road to Wrestlemania, as this year seems to have the most thrown together card in recent memory.  Other than the Big Three matches, the only matches that have had any significant build are Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger and The Shield vs. Big Show, […]

The Smackdown Breakdown – The Showcase Of Justice

Everyone is talking about how they either feel Punk disrespected the memory of Paul Bearer or how this may end up being one of the best angles WWE has produced in a long while.  And while that would be a great hot button issue to discuss, I want to bring up the Brad Maddox debacle […]

The Smackdown Breakdown – We The People… Love Pizza!

This week, we lost an Icon in the industry, William Moody.  I had the pleasure of meeting him at a young age in Memphis, after the merger of CWA and WCCW.  Even before he would become Paul Bearer, he had an incredible presence about him, one that brought not only attention to him but to […]

The Smackdown Breakdown – A Tarnished Shield?

Boy, it’s not often that we get such an incredible night of wrestling on free TV as we did on Monday night!  Cena vs Punk was arguably already the match of the year and it has barely begun!  After Monday night, though, the question remains “Where do we go from here?”  Punk and Cena raised […]

The Smackdown Breakdown – Where Men Come To Fight Again

This week has been a very controversial one, as we have had a new WWE Championship unveiled, the mainstream media attention of the Zeb Colter gimmick, and the arrest of Jack Swagger.  These issues have divided the community in ways I would not have imagined.  The unveiling of the WWE Championship brought us calls of […]