25 Years of Rumble Winners – 2002 Triple H

This is a time in the WWF that I have been waiting to write about, but also nervous about. I have written quite a few articles about the Royal Rumble winners in the WWF, but it was during the prior year that the Invasion had ended (May through November 2001) and the court case with […]

25 Years of Rumble Winners – 2001 Stone Cold Steve Austin

Ah, another Stone Cold Steve Austin winning Royal Rumble! This was his third and final Royal Rumble Match win. Austin is the only wrestler to win three Royal Rumbles, 1997 and 1998. As we all know so much about Austin’s history, and if you don’t you can check out articles on his previous Royal Rumble […]

25 Years of Rumble Winners – 2000 The Rock

I have learned so much from writing each of these articles. I remember a lot of these matches, a lot of these feuds, a lot of what was going on with the WWF and WCW, but looking into it the way I have been, watching some of the matches to make sure the info I […]

RAW Is Blogged – A Crash Test Dummy?

There’s so much back and forth about Cena’s character – should he turn heel or should his character be tweaked? I know that Cena’s character now, well, up until much of the Kane stuff, was just downright horrid! Something had to be done and hopefully the changes we’ve been seeing in Cena will continue. Honestly, […]

RAW Results – 1/23/12 Will Laurinaitis Be Fired?

This go home to Royal Rumble RAW starts with music and pyro. In Ring Segment CM Punk out to the ring with a glowing smile on his face. He poses and smiles all around. Chants for Punk, so he sits and enjoys. He talks about Royal Rumble and a huge WWE Championship Match for us. […]

25 Years of Rumble Winners – 1999 Vincent Kenedy McMahon

I have to admit that this is s Royal Rumble that I haven’t been looking forward to. It’s nothing against Vincent Kennedy McMahon. I love and respect the man for much of what he’s done, in the wrestling industry and outside it, and I know it worked perfectly into the storyline at that point for […]

25 Years of Rumble Winners – 1998 Stone Cold Steve Austin

This is the third time I start a Royal Rumble winners article with a two time winner. It seems as though the WWE finds something that’s working well and runs with it rather than giving someone new coming up through the ranks a chance. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t (Alberto Del Rio), but it […]

25 Years of Rumble Winners – 1997 Stone Cole Steve Austin

I have to admit I was shocked to see Angle being shown on WWETV. I know that they were showing how Triple H won the Royal Rumble Match in 2002, but so much Angle. Same with Edge’s Hall of Fame video with Hogan being so prominent in it, then the Four Horsemen, Flair prominent, as […]

TNA/IW Blog Zone – A Storm’s Brewing

There’s two things I want to address before we get to this week’s show. First off, I was called on ripping up TNA/IW for their formulaic openings and tedious opening videos. Rick, otherwise known as ‘The Professor’ sent me an email with a rant, partially about my abuse of TNA/IW’s opening segments. Professor I wanted […]

RAW Is Blogged – Who Was That Masked Sock?

I’m confused. I’m extremely confused. Why in the world do these wrestlers want to shoot themselves in the foot? They’re not only ruining their careers, but burning bridges while they do so. Okay, everyone knows exactly who I am talking about. Evan Bourne (Matt Korklan) has received his second Wellness strike in a very short […]

25 Years of Rumble Winners – 1996 HBK

I’m such an HBK fan and the direction the WWF and WCW went after this Royal Rumble changed the industry as a whole. WCW was starting to gain a little steam and it was 1996 when they gained more than steam, they gained Hall and Nash. This year was a huge upswing in the industry […]

TNA/IW Blog Zone – Last Call For Angle

Richard posted about Anderson not being around on TNA/IW lately and not listed for the UK Tour. I’ve been wondering about that myself. It came up during the Genesis WNW Live Blog and I’ve wondered since why he’s been gone. I was wearing Anderson’s digital camo A**hole cap, one of my favorite wrestler inspired garments, […]

25 Years of Rumble Winners – 1995 HBK

This is one of the Royal Rumbles that I’ve been excitedly waiting for. Anyone who’re read my Blogs know that HBK is high on my list of wrestlers I love. I’ve never seen him live and that tugs at my heart. Pretty much the only way I’d see him in the flesh at this point […]

25 Years of Rumble Winners – 1994 Bret Hart & Lex Luger

This is one Royal Rumble I’ve been looking forward to writing about. Both winners of this Royal Rumble Match are wrestlers I enjoyed, and sometimes loathed early on. In my mind, this is when the Royal Rumble really started getting good and the winners were seriously pushed due to their wins. Yes, both of these […]