RAW Is Blogged – One Day This Will All Be Mine!

I have to say that I really enjoyed RAW last night. While there were a couple of questionable moments, I thought a lot of RAW. I think they’re doing a strong job of setting up for both the Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania. While, as always, I have so much to say, I’m going to jump […]

RAW Results 2/13/12 – Embrace The Hate!

This week’s RAW starts with recap of Kane standing over Eve threateningly, then with Cena video cut in over Kane’s words. He’s afraid for Eve, Cena, anyone in his path, and of himself. Kane on the tron saying there’s nothing he won’t do, no line he won’t cross, no atrocity he won’t commit to get […]

TNA/IW Predicts – Against All Odds

Ken This Sunday TNA/IW presents Against All Odds from Orlando, Florida. After two weeks in the UK and some wonderful matches, I’m quite worried about AAO. Hopefully they won’t drop the ball with this one, but I must admit that I don’t have my hopes up. One last thing… Is anyone interested in an AAO […]

TNA/IW Blog Zone – Stick That In Your Funk & Wagnalls

As anyone who reads my blogs know, I don’t read spoilers – unless it’s something absurd that everyone is already talking about – then I will peek, but also will tell everyone I peeked before starting this. Well, I didn’t peek, but I did check to make sure that this show was taped outside the […]

RAW Is Blogged – I Won’t Take No For An Answer!

I really didn’t know how to start this. There’s so much going on, so much to write about, but everything is so much longer than these couple paragraphs before I start writing about RAW. I’m writing about Laurinaitis, but that will be its own piece, not enough room here to completely discuss Laurinaitis’ past, all […]

RAW Results 2/6/12 – Beep, Beep, Beep

RAW this week starts with video of Triple H out to fire Laurinaitis last week, then GONG. Narration states Taker rose and made his intentions clear. What’s Trip’s reaction? Music and pyro. There will be a Six-Pack Challenge to be the last person in the Elimination Chamber Match. Also, D-Bry will face Big Show. In […]

TNA/IW Blog Zone – A Cyclone & A Blizzard

I really went to start this on a high note, so I want to talk about a few new things that have popped up on the front page of WNW today. First off Shawn, otherwise known as Big Van Blitzko, started a new weekly WAI Bonus that’s more of a ‘Did You Know?’ type article. […]

RAW Is Blogged – Kiss This Future Endeavor!

I know a lot of people were very unhappy with the way the Royal Rumble went down. The only reason I’m unhappy is because in the end Stacy and I swapped our predictions, so I had Drew McIntyre and he had Sheamus, even though Sheamus was in my top three for the past month. I […]

RAW Results – 1/30/12 GONG!

This post Royal Rumble RAW starts with music and pyro. Mr. John Laurinaitis to the ring, shaking hands with fans on his way there. King and Cole talk about Royal Rumble being historic and hopefully it will be for Laurinaitis tonight. Cole wants Laurinaitis to stay, King, not so much. Laurinaitis continued shaking hands around […]

25 Years of Rumble Winners – 2011 Alberto Del Rio

I know that this is a Royal Rumble winner that has and will get a lot of guff. Not the type of guff Benoit received, but still, more than most. I only have a few more hours to bask in my glory of having picked Alberto Del Rio, so I’m going to enjoy writing this […]

25 Years of Rumble Winners – 2010 Edge

I have to admit that I’m thrilled Edge won a Royal Rumble before his career was cut short. I will admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of Edge or Christian early on, meaning back in the Brood, even though I’ve always been a huge Gangrel fan. I know, it doesn’t make any sense. But […]

WWE Predicts – Royal Rumble

Why is the WWE being so secretive? All they have told us about the Royal Rumble is the undercard, that everyone is eligible to join the Royal Rumble Match and that Miz is the #1 entrant. Either they’re trying to tell us that someone already in a match will win the Royal Rumble Match, or […]

25 Years of Rumble Winners – 2009 Randy Orton

While I hope Orton doesn’t return to win the 2012 Royal Rumble Match, he did a great job with it in 2009. I have been very impressed with Orton’s career. He took what he had, genetics and the in through his grandfather and father, and took it to a whole new level. I will admit […]

25 Years of Rumble Winners – 2008 John Cena

In October 2007 John Cena completely tore his pectoral muscle and was said to be out of action for six months to a year. Three months later he was a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble Match and somehow won it as he entered as #30. While many people think the WWE gives Cena everything […]