The Authority To Make "Blockbuster" Announcement On Tonight's Raw

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Triple H posted on Twitter that The Authority will be making a "blockbuster" announcement to kickoff tonight's Raw. You can view Triple H's tweet below.

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  • Adam Eaton

    With the news of DB not being able to compete at MITB I’m assuming that will be the announcement but I also hope they add to it by making two MITB matches one for the title and one for the briefcase

    • CJ Blaze

      I’m really hoping you are right.

    • Mike McCarthy

      I’d rather they do two ladder matches with one being for the WWE Championship and the other being for the World Heavyweight Championship.

      • Adam Eaton

        That does make sense given the Bryan situation now. Before it didn’t but I can see them splitting the titles now

    • Bob’s Diner

      It will just be that the title is now on the line in the ladder match.

  • Bob’s Diner

    This ‘splitting the titles’ discussion is getting more old and tired than the ‘turn John Cena heel’ stuff. It isn’t going to happen – move on.

  • rschell21

    Blockbuster announcement it’s either Db is going to forfeit the belts, Hunters gonna say the announcement that the shield is no more to get heat, or maybe that sting has signed