Awesome John Cena vs. CM Punk Bout, Lawler & Cole On Smackdown, Wrestlemania Main Event

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- Justin Roberts Tweeted the following photo of John Cena after his stellar bout on this week's WWE Raw:

- You can watch the final couple minutes of the bout embedded in the video below:

- Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole are the scheduled announce team for this week's Smackdown from Oklahoma City. John Layfield won't be there as he pursues Mount Aconcagua.

- The Rock vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship is titled "Greatness vs. Redemption." The match was "Once in a Lifetime" last year.

  • Chris

    Great match, slightly disappointed by the lack of a gong afterward, but I suppose we can wait a week. Cena still found a way to put over Punk, even in a loss, as he had to do the unexpected just to get the victory.

    • Wow, I didn’t know if I was the only one waiting for the gong the entire time. Great, great match though.

      • Chris

        Yeah, I saw it coming a mile away with the promo early in the night, might be why they held off for now.

  • Isaac

    Cena haters should look at this match as an example of why Cena in fact can wrestle and put up a great match

    • Snap

      I’d be willing to bet it’s this type of attitude from Cena fans which perpetuates the Cena “hate,” at least online. Cena fans are just as bad as, if not worse than, Cena haters. You all have to point at a good Cena match and go “See? See?! Cena CAN wrestle! NYAH!!!” Of course he can, he just needs to be more consistent.

      There are other reasons to dislike Cena which have nothing to do with whether he can wrestle a good match or not.

      • Isaac

        But im not a Cena fan…just speaking objectively. His character and gimmick is of course stale but thats a whole other issue. Hes had other good matches throughout his career but there are just some wrestlers he works better with than others. Just saying people should give him the benefit of the doubt, given that he gives so much of himself to the business and actually tries to improve on his work.

  • Chris

    What a bore Wretle Manias going to be!!! Lets just have the same matches we had last year!! Disappointed!!!

    • Ricky

      No one is forcing you to watch it. Stop complaining.

      • Snap

        No one is forcing you to respond. He’s allowed to voice his opinion without being attacked. It’s probably the first time that a MAIN EVENT has been recycled at consecutive WrestleManias.

        It’s true they did Hogan vs. Andre at both WrestleMania 3 and 4, but their second match wasn’t the main event. Even when Rock and Austin faced each other in the main event at two WrestleManias, they didn’t do so back to back.
        The problem is that regardless of what other matches are on the card, it’s Rock vs. Cena which will be given the credit for how many buys WrestleMania gets. It won’t matter if someone ordered the show to see a hypothetical Punk vs. Austin match, WWE is pushing Rock vs. Cena as the feature match again that they will see the buyrate and believe that it’s what everybody wanted to see.

        Too bad you can’t just order the individual matches you want to see.

    • Wyatt Forcier

      Dude, there’s only 1 match on the card that was there last year. Why are you bitching?

      • lee

        There bitching because two of the matches are rematches from last year.

    • Xavier

      Watch TNA instead then

  • tone

    new found respect and appreciation for Cena. still hate the “character” but that match was impressive.

    • When Cena has a good opponent like Punk, Cena can be really impressive.

  • John

    I think we should all just wait and see how the WWE go about building this match before hating on it! I just don’t want to see a Rock promo one week then a Cena promo the next week like they did last year.

  • lee

    I wonder how pissed Vince was with the piledriver punk did?

    • Kenneth

      I’m glad to have seen the piledriver. there are far too many moves banned for one reason or another, which is one reason why matches these days are so cookie-cutter predictable. More moves equals more potential for variety.

      • lee

        I agree the matches are to predictable, I was glad he did the piledriver too. Would have loved to seen him do the Pepsi Plunge in that match also

  • Ken

    I’m still in complete awe from that match. It had my literally on the edge of my seat. Mad respect for Cena and Punk.

  • shane

    i wonder if one of the reasons they are doing Rock vs Cena again is so that cena can win and they can be seen as equals

  • Xavier

    The two top guys put on an amazing match and told a great story inside the ring. Saw some moves performed that I thought I’d never see out of those two, but it fit well. Cena with the power bomb then Punk with the piledriver then the hurricana from Cena out of nowhere. All that told a story about how both men were desperate to beat the other in order too get to the title match at Mania by any means. It’s gonna be hard for anything at Mania too top that.

  • Rambo Commander

    Who cares about Rock vs cena, it will be a mediocre match just like last time. Waiting for Taker to take the center of the ring at Mania. Hopefully his match should still be the best as it always is, regardless of whether it is CM Punk or any other.