AW's Bad Joke Discussed On Popular ESPN Show; The Undertaker & Michelle McCool Expecting First Child

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- Abraham Washington's bad joke regarding the sexual assault allegations against Kobe Bryant from this week's WWE Raw was brought up on ESPN's "Around the Horn" on Wednesday.

- It was announced at Wednesday night's Florida Championship Wrestling show in Tampa that The Undertaker and Michelle McCool are expecting their first child. The announcement was made by FCW President Steve Keirn in front of the live crowd as Undertaker was there for an autograph signing.

  • Richy

    damn i missed the around the horn segment, richard can you get a link to that, I'm curios as to how that went down. his joke was tasteless but any outside advertising vince can get, vince is gonna take, normally, probably screwed Linda running for congress but WWE on ESPN i am sure will be a win to Vince despite the reason why

    • Dan

      They actually didn't really discuss it on the show. The winner just brought it up as their last word and said it was distasteful especially since everybody has moved on and Kobe is trying to represent our country right now.

  • Frendo

    2nd generation superstar on the way.

    • Dave Barton

      His son Gunner is already an adult.

      • Ronald Larsen

        Are you telling me Gunner on TNA is Mark's son?

  • Chris

    Whoooooo!!!! If he can still make babies he can still wrestle!!! I’m like how this is going.

  • Noah

    Baby undertaker FTW


  • Sarcastic Smark 2.0

    Oh, they thought A.W's comment was bad? Well, at the airport today, I was asked "sir, are you carrying a bomb?"…My reply: "Yea…a frickin pipebomb"

  • Lisa M

    Congrats to Undertaker and Michelle!

  • Ken

    The thought of old man Undertaker getting naked and dancing the horizontal mambo fills me with images I really wish I could forget.

    • WNW FAN

      Yuck dude

    • James M>>>

      Why on earth are you thinking about taker when u should be thinking about Mccool? That is something worth thinking about.

      • Ken

        Maybe when she's lost the baby weight @P

  • Razmos01

    If its a boy he has got to carry on the legend of The Undertaker, the streak will live on ha

    • James M>>>

      Weetaker! Rest in peeeeeeece

  • Fred

    Congratulations to Undertaker & Michelle !!

  • Jamie

    Congrats to Mark and Michelle, All the best to them

  • Voice of Wrestling

    he is so lucky to be shagging Michelle

  • Pizzaman

    New undertaker or new diva yes!!!!!!!!!

  • Ben

    All we need is aj and kane to have a baby a d then were have a second gen cousins of destruction lol

    • Ronald Larsen

      Unfortunately, they are not brothers.

  • dmo

    I love how people are excited that theyre having a baby meaning a new diva or wrestler, looks like your gonna have to wait 20 something years around the 2000th episode

  • abbathcl

    Will the ministry of darkness baptize the baby?

    • Jamie

      They could so make a hilarious story line with a devil baby..