AW's Twitter Account Suspended; Ashley Fliehr Working As Charlotte?

- The Twitter account of Abraham Washington, located at has been suspended. AW has opened up an account under his real name at

- Ashley Fliehr, the real-life daughter of Ric Flair currently working in Florida Championship Wrestling under a WWE developmental contract, wrote the following on Twitter:

  • Chris

    I like the play on the name. Linking it to flair. Just I hope we see more divas!!!

    • dusty588

      "From Charlotte, North Carolina, Charlotte!"

      • Dave Barton

        Lucky she didn’t get Ric’s original hometown. Then her name would be Minnie Apolis.

  • Ken

    Ric's daughter's ring name is Charlotte? I see what they did there.

    The Creative mark who came up with that idea probably creamed himself, he'd have been so happy. I just hope he changed his undies afterwards.

    • Logan_Walker

      It’s not as funny as “Ken”. Lol a three letter name.