Axl Rotten Injured In Car Accident

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Extreme Reunion has announced that Axl Rotten was injured in a car accident. Below is their official statement:

"Axl Rotten fell asleep at the wheel driving home to Baltimore, MD and broke 8 ribs and sternum. He is currently in the hospital in PA. We hope the best for Axl and his recovery."

  • christopher525

    Ok, did anyone involved with this deal not have some sort of issue?

    • kbunyon

      I was thinking the same thing. This event seemed to have bad luck all the way around.


      • Jitters84

        My friend was at the horrid show.. He said nothing compares how bad it was.. We were both at the org hardcore homecoming ( which was insane) he said it was a total 180..

  • Dick C. Carter

    Whats new? It's that junkie axl rotten?