Back Off TNA Haters, Armstrong Family, Cody Hall's Potential, Stephanie McMahon Stock Trades

When is Dixie Carter going to realize that TNA Wrestling will never be as big as WWE. Why doesn't she just sell it?

Dixie Carter knows that TNA Wrestling isn't on the same level of WWE. There are thousands of independent pro wrestling promotions that run shows all the time, none of which even come close to the giant that is WWE. What gets lost in all the TNA opposition is the fact they are still the number two promotion in the world. Perhaps it has to do with frustration in that TNA has a national television deal, a loaded talent roster and a multimillion-dollar financial backer but TNA makes every promotion other than WWE small potatoes. As for selling TNA, that would be up to Dixie's parents, Bob and Janice Carter. They are the top of TNA's financial funnel and are the ones that have been pushing for costs to be cut across the board.

With Scott Armstrong being 'fired' on Monday, do you see The Road Dogg returning to the screen as part of the storyline?

The Triple H/McMahon family angle currently involves the Rhodes family as opposition so I could make a logical argument for it to also include the Armstrong family. I haven't heard about Road Dogg getting involved but that's a reasonable assumption to make given he works as a producer backstage.

Is there any interest in WWE in Cody Hall?

As far as I know WWE isn't interested in Cody Hall yet but you have to remember, he's still very green. He is big and athletic and has a tremendous advantage over normal kids his age trying to break in. Scott Hall has had his problems but no one has ever doubted his ability and impact to the wrestling business. Cody has access to all of Scott's resources and as long as he sticks to it, he has a very high ceiling.

Why is Stephanie McMahon unloading so much of her stock?

I had a slight meltdown on my Twitter account (located at on Wednesday where I voiced some of my pet peeves. One of those had to do with stock trades making news headlines. WWE is a publicly traded company. Shares of the company are bought and sold every day. The stock pays a dividend, meaning if someone owns it, they are paid an amount from every share they own each quarter. The difference between me or you and Stephanie McMahon is that Stephanie is a WWE executive. Because of her status, she is required by the SEC to report all of her stock transactions to avoid an insider advantage. Without making it complicated, stocks are bought when the price dips and are sold when the price rises, thus making a profit on the difference. Stephanie is selling stock and making a profit. This isn't news. It doesn't matter if she completely liquidates every share of her WWE stock. It's a publicly traded company and she, along with anyone else, is free to buy and sell as she chooses. This is also why WWE is required to report all of their financial information and keep the public informed with what is going on with the company.

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  • Robert Olley

    ive a feeling that people see shes selling stock and automatically assume wwe is sinking and stephanies trying to sell up

    • Mike Farris

      yes i have already seen people saying shes selling stock because WWE is having financial problems especially out of the TNA Marks. because the tna marks arent happy about all the talk about TNA’s actual financial problems as seen with the roster cuts and now the fact of probably pulling impact off the road

  • Steve pritchard

    I agree totally ! Stocks are traded and sold consantly. Tna marks jump on this so they can say told you so. When the reality is tna is in financial trouble and judging by recent decisions made it doesnt appear to be getting better anytime soon.

    • smark calloway

      Hey Steve O .how are you ? I never did get an apology from you , from last week when i provided the video proof to you about what punk said about childhood after you called me a ” troll ” and liar ( for no reason ) ..I’m still waiting !

      • Steve pritchard

        My apologies if i offended you ! You came off as one of those punk hater troll at first but i read the rest of your comment and your right. As far as the video goes . My main point of my rant was i think people weigh to heavy on these atheletes personal lives and thats just silly . Theyre human like we are! And im sick of these marks jumping on people for being a fan of punk, cena or bryan etc. and calling them iwc puppets . Wtf is a iwc puppet . What happened to just being a fan of wrestling and not being labeled as somthing! My apologies to you though . I was wrong in my remarks. Sorry about the rant.

        • smark calloway

          Hey no problem Steve -o ..thank you ….yeah I agree with you , people can be a fan of whomever they choose ..

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    Whether or not Stephanie sells HIS stock, that’s HIS business! Lol

    • Hey man, if you notice a typo just shoot me a quick email. [email protected]. Easiest way to get it fixed.

      • Hercules Rockerfeller

        Lol sorry dude but that’s the type of typo that is just irresistible to not poke fun at.

        • Snap

          Must have had Brick Hogan on the mind. In which case, Brick would be suffering from a Steph infection.

      • jack whittle

        No ask wnw today?

  • James

    Water Base Lubricant Friend or Foe?

  • David Jr.

    I wonder why Pepsi doesn’t sell there business because they will never catch Coca-Cola. Why doesn’t Burger King sell there business, they’ll never be as big as McDonalds? Why doesn’t Target close there doors, they aren’t gonna catch Walmart?

  • jdl

    Back off TNA haters? I really don’t think that was necessary.

    • A ridiculous headline to a ridiculous question

      • Nostaljack

        A headline *you* wrote. If the question is ridiculous, why answer it. This section allows you to pick and choose which ones you answer. This isn’t the “premium” section where you *have* to answer whichever questions you get whether you like them or not.

        • Questions were thin but it gave me an opportunity to put the TNA heat in perspective.

          • Nostaljack

            I get it but did you have to insult one of your readers to do it by calling their question “ridiculous”?

          • Yes!

            He kept the reader anonymous and didn’t specifically call him or her out. I don’t know why there needs to be a fuss made out of it.

          • Nostaljack

            The individual in question will know it. I wasn’t talking about site-wide embarrassment. I was talking about turning off a potential paying member.

          • God

            Jesus Christ you’re a whiny bitch. Just don’t read the damn thing if you don’t like it. Idiot.

          • Nostaljack

            You’re absolutely right. I have been blind. Thanks for setting me straight.

          • JJ

            I highly doubt “questions were thin” there are hundreds of great questions people have all the time, that are never admonished in the least, and often the same questions are answered every few weeks. Often you can even find better questions in the comment sections..sounds almost like lazy journalism to me just saying…

  • BigMike

    why are they not getting Cody Hall? he is green? so was Dan Rodheimer((SP?)) Ryback, and so many other men who have the “look” that VKM likes and yet none can get it done VInce needs to realize that the real big men are not where its at anymore(( except for Gunner and Samoa Joe but they are different))

    • smark calloway

      Gunner sucks !…fact !!

  • Batman

    “Shares of the company are bought and sold every day. This isn’t news”

    …except when it was.

    Stephanie McMahon Sells Significant Portion Of Her WWE Stock
    by Richard Grey

  • BabaBooey

    Wow, a lot of the fans of this site are becoming dicks. Richard is hooking it up and gets made fun of.

  • JJ

    Bob needs to take away the bottle from Dixie, and treat her like an adult, she hasn’t done much of substantial good, take away the free gift.

  • Justin

    Actually, Richard, you’re wrong. It’d be a bad sign if a top executive like Stephanie McMahon unloaded all of her shares. While it wouldn’t be a sign that WWE was going under, it would be a sign that she doesn’t have much confidence in the stock price significantly increasing. I am use that some WWE stockholders don’t like seeing her sell a lot of shares.