Backstage Reaction To The Controversial CM Punk/Paul Heyman Segment On WWE Raw, Uncertainty Regarding The Booking Of John Cena, Future Plans For Rosa Mendes, Another Possible WWE Title Change Revealed

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- There were a lot of people unhappy with the CM Punk/Paul Heyman segment following the return of Jerry Lawler on this week's WWE Raw. I'm told while Punk was uncomfortable with the angle, Lawler didn't have an issue with it. Heyman wasn't a big fan but knows to pick his battles. Punk has been making light of the angle on Twitter, claiming to be a CPR master in order to generate more heat.

- We're told company officials are "confused" with how to book John Cena as one week Vince McMahon wants him in a program with Dolph Ziggler, the next he wants to program him with Ryback. The bottom-line is Vince doesn't know what he wants.

- If the "letter" angle on Raw wasn't telling enough, Vince McMahon wants to align Rosa Mendes with Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez. Vince is high up on Rosa and feels adding her to Del Rio may freshen him up as well.

- Finally, there was talk Monday night about The Rhodes Scholars winning the WWE Tag Team Championship at Tuesday's WWE Main Event taping. Given the rate things change, I wouldn't take this to the bank but one thing that has been pushed to the writers is to make the C-shows count.

  • 26markgillard

    That segment was disgraceful.

    • Bault16

      That means it worked, mark.

  • I think Vince has been a little bit confused lately, especially riding with that lesbian biker gang this past week. 😉

  • Jim F.

    I thought Punk coming out to interrupt King was an effective way to generate more heat, but the whole Heyman faking a heart attack with Punk throwing up the X was a tad too much for my tastes.

  • Big Matt Z

    It's funny how people want the "Atittude era" but when they get a small dose of it they flip out. It was more than a little foul language and the occasional nip slip. I'm starting to wonder if it would be too much for most fans.

    • Bault16

      Smarks don’t like it when a heel finds an effective way to generate heat from them.

    • James

      Couldn't agree more!

  • Sythian

    While the angle may have been a little much for some people, I had no problem with it. Having watched through the attitude era, this was nothing at all in comparison. The reaction to this angle just goes to show that people behind a keyboard are more than happy to demand attitude but the moment they’re given attitude they take great offense and can’t take it. It’s pathetic

  • Stoney

    Aligning Rosa Mendes with Del Rio may do something for him. He has a character that doesn't really work for him, can't get a decent reaction, and is incredibly bland.

    • Bault16

      Couldn’t disagree any more