Backstage Details On An Unbelievable "Closed Door" Meeting That Took Place This Week Between Vince McMahon & Someone You'll Have To Read To Believe; Why They Met & How It Is The Result Of Raw Losing Its Audience

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I can confirm from more than one source that a meeting took place this week with Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman to discuss WWE creative. While the gist was McMahon was looking for input, a spot on the creative team was not offered to Heyman.

I'm told while McMahon was seeking input from Paul, he was very stern with him about leaking information deemed confidential. One source told me neither Vince nor Stephanie McMahon trust Heyman, however, CM Punk has gone to bat for him in terms of using his ideas to improve the product.

This week's disastrous Raw rating had Vince throwing up his hands which ultimately led to the meeting, believed to be under the discretion of CM Punk. In fact, one source said the meeting began with Punk, Heyman and Vince and ended  with Heyman and Vince in a "closed door" setting.

The result of the meeting has a lot of people talking about Vince "setting his pride aside" for the good of the business while also exemplifying Punk's tremendous backstage power and influence.  Considered a taboo name earlier in the year, Heyman has not only landed a role back on WWE television but is now regaining influence with creative direction and input (all because of the current WWE Champion).

  • AntGilroy

    This is great! I hope it works out.

  • outkazt09

    Wow!!! I hope he listens to some of Heyman’s ideas. The guy is a genius in creative. Maybe Vinny can act like some sort of filter ala Vince Russo soon.

  • Hitman310

    I guess Vince will also be a " Paul Heyman Guy"..

  • PainOfDemise

    Whatever gives us a better product, I am all for it.

  • J-Dub

    Paul = Ratings! Paul = Genius!

  • izblack

    This is horrible. Punk once again using the backstage stroke too stay on top and hold other worthy talent of having a chance too shine. Heymen/Punk = The Kliq

    • Charles

      Haha tell me you’re joking?

    • Patrick Peralta

      oh for pete's sake…. While I am not a fan of Paul Heyman on TV or off TV, I do give him the credit he deserves and what he has done for the buessiness.

      if he has idea's that might Help WWE then good for them they should look at all options. Vince willing to put aside his ego is a big step.

      As for Punk being on top he has earned it….what do you want him to do tell them forget it it I don't want to be on top or Champion give it to someone else. there is a lot of good talent in WWE but not all of them can be main event guys or handle it well.

      Swagger is a prefect example they gave him the title shot gave him the ball so to speak and he let it go to his head because he couldn't handle the success.

      Punk has earned his current success and is not holding others back.

    • Sythian

      Your joking right? How is Vince having a meeting with punk and heyman considered holding people back?

  • Kleck

    If this proves the blow up in Vince’s face in a spectacular manner, would that kill any stroke that Punk would have backstage from that point forward?

  • Bault16

    Paul Heyman once owned ECW…..And Ran it into the ground.

    • snap

      Which is why Heyman wouldn’t have anything to do with the financial side of things. Or, should we forget, that it was under Paul Heyman that ECW became the company everybody loved?

    • Stoney

      Paul heyman is a creative genius not a businessman

    • snuggle

      Ecw didn’t go out of business because of poor booking. It went out of business because it went broke. Ecw had some great storylines and held their own. It was when they started working with Tnn and having a regular weekly television show that they went broke. Heyman and other former Ecw workers have all stated how the company made more money before they went main stem.

      • Bault16

        Still went out of business.

        • snuggle

          But not because of creative reasons as you started. It was financial reasons. Ecw made more money doing their own merchandise. However they lost money once they added Tnn, who backstabbed Heyman by making a deal with Wwe Raw that spelled the end of Ecw. Get your facts straight before you state things.

  • AntGilroy

    He isn’t running the company… He is adding to creative and if you think heyman isn’t a genius.. You have no idea about him and you need to read up on him.

  • havoc525

    TNA being cheap, and actually thinking the relics of Hogan and Bischoff could make them credible, is looking more and more like a win for McMahon every day.

  • SDD619

    ECW was a different beast as it changed the wrestling business. Do also remember like McMahon. Paul Heyman is a visionary, Punk is too. Both of them know what will get over & what won't.

  • Austin 3:16

    Too many people on this board kiss Punk's ass smh

  • Bault16

    And my point remains. Out of business.

  • Bault16

    Don’t recall stating anything other than went out of business. If you can disprove this lets talk.

    • eurosario

      Please clarify about ran it to the ground.It would help alot thanks

    • snuggle

      Ecw didn’t go out of business, Vince brought it. Therefore it remained in business under the Wwe brand, which was why Vince brought it back in 2006. Ecw going out of business doesn’t make Heyman not have good storyline ideas. You sound like a dumb a**.

    • Michael413

      You stated Paul heyman ran ecw into the ground, which is 100% false. I’ve been watching wrestling since ecw was known as eastern championship wrestling, and Paul heyman was the creative genious that changed the wrestling business forever. He’s the reason why people still cry for the attitude era.

      So yes ecw is out of business, but to clearly state Paul heyman ran it into the ground couldn’t be further from the truth. The man knows entertainment. He has a great wrestling mind, and to make the statement you made and to subtly imply he will do the same thing to WWE is asinine

  • Evon Reese

    The meeting ended with Punk being kicked out. Maybe Vince is learning.