Backstage Details On Vince McMahon's Reaction To This Week's WWE Raw Rating, What He Did At The Smackdown Tapings That Had People Avoiding Him, Who & What He Blames For The Sharp Decrease In Viewership, The Only Thing McMahon Is Pleased With

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Vince McMahon was backstage at the Smackdown tapings in Tulsa, Oklahoma when the Raw rating came in. I'm told it was "really bad" with Vince "blowing up on people" and "blaming everyone."

Vince reportedly threw out the entire script for Smackdown and had everyone basically avoiding him in fear he had reached the tipping point and would fire anyone who challenged him. We're told the backstage atmosphere was much more nuclear than it has been in years.

I asked who Vince was blaming for the disastrous number and was told he was upset about talent not getting over, the writers not booking properly, the producers not laying out matches correctly and "everything but CM Punk" at this point.

  • robsharpe84

    To be fair the content has been abysmal recently and vince is probably still worrying about cena.

  • aeaton45

    IMO its really not punks fault because he has been carrying the show. If the writers aren’t giving entertaining storylines then there isn’t too much a wrestler can do.

    CM Punk is almost in the position that HBK was in the mid 90’s with ratings down and he having to carry the show.

    • HOGAN

      I disagree, alot of the dip in the ratings is due too Punk, without Cena too play off of Punk's character just isnt all that interesting. You can only do the whole "I'm not getting any respect" thing for so long before it get's stale and at this point it is beyond stale. And the HBK situation in 96 is entirely different then this situation. Can't compare the two

      • aeaton45

        Wow.. I’m not saying that its not played out but that’s not punks fault. He is going out there and doing what the writers are giving him! He can only do soo much! Its not his fault that the writers aren’t creative! He can only take his character so far. I’m tired of people blaming wrestlers for storylines when its the writers that come up with that stuff

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Don’t blame the 3 hour raw or the pg or Linda one person is to blame here and it’s Vince McMahon

    • Austin 3:16

      The blame should go too CM Punk

      • Bigdaddychuck

        You can’t blame Punk on the low ratings or Linda or pg or it being 3 hours.. You can only blame Vince McMahon for this with his stupid ideas like a debate. As soon as that came on I turned the channel

  • LeftyTosser

    VKM needs a complete overhaul to the RAW programming. The story lines are terrible right now and the constant "respect" program every episode with Punk is past the point of being stupid. That story line has been done so many times and does not fit the Punk character well. If Punk were actually wrestling someone and then talking about "respect" then it might make a little more sense or carry with the fans, but to have him do his 10 minutes in the ring yapping before wrestling just doesn't work. Having Cena and Punk on air every single show takes away from both what could be a "special" show and it takes away time that could be spent developing mid card or younger workers. Physically Cena probably only has a few more years to potentially be at the top. Punk will run his course being relevant and VKM needs to spend more time working towards finding the Sandows of the world that can start to carry the programming. Quality writing could make the show a ton better, but VKM would have to have patience which is not his strong point.

    • n1ck

      I don’t think you understand the cm punk storyline at all as it is not stupid in fact its completely logical to anyone paying attention to the things that have gone down since he became champ

      • IZ BLACK

        I have been paying attention and the whole respect angle is flat out retarted and old. The ratings prove that most "true wrestling fans"could give a rat's ass about CM Punk. Most boring title reign since Diesel in 95 easily.

      • LeftyTosser

        n1ck, sorry. I was born into the era of wrestling that featured some pretty good and some pretty stupid story lines. Having been a fan for over 40 years (spending time both in the locker room and viewing televised and live events) I think I have a pretty good handle on how story lines are developed and play out correctly. What RAW is experiencing right now is a general turn off of the viewers that should tell VKM that this story line has run it's course. It wasn't more than a few years ago that Cody Rhodes ran almost the same story line. By the way, Rhodes did the program just as well and it ran for a shorter period of time. The problem is not Punk himself, it is the crappy story line and the length of time it has been running. It is all about set up and there is none currently. If you want to watch this story line done well go back to when Barry Windham did it right.

        • XKonn247

          Because that didn’t sound arrogant and condescending at all.

  • mjledesma

    Every time you say nuclear heat it reminds me of chicken wings. Haha maybe I’m hungry.

    • XKonn247

      Literally the best comment ever.

  • Bault16

    He does realize the Bears were playing the Cowboys at the exact same time right? I mean come on you’re getting horrible ratings 100 out of 100 times in that situation.

  • Bobby W.

    definitely isnt Punk's fault. Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are really the only two people making Raw entertaining right now.

    • Austin 3:16

      Punk isn't interesting at all. But I agree with you on the Bryan part. Him & Kane have been a breath of fresh hair, it's great too see the tag division doing well again too give us a break from all the CM "hear me cry like a bitch" Punk stuff.

    • dave

      I say Sandow, as well.

  • Miles

    Kane and Bryan have been carrying the show more like

  • Evon Reese

    It's just a matter of time before Vince realizes Punk alone does not draw. Without a Super Star working with him he's dead in the water.

  • gpturbo81

    ol' vinnie has no problem pointing the finger at everyone else, when in reality he should be taking a long , hard look in the mirror. damn egomaniacs

    • Bault16

      Yes, Bears Cowboys


    The issue isn't three hours, or Raw being PG, the issue is the lack of compelling stories in WWE programing. I'm sick of hearing people pine for the "death of PG" or "the return of the Attitude Era" because they don't mean a g*dd*mn thing without a decent story behind it. The reason the Attitude Era was so successful is because the 'E told compelling stories and that's why everyone remembers it being so great. And that's the key word there, "remembers" most people don't remember, nor give a d*mn about things that happened mere months ago, but we all remember Degeneration X in their prime. And the legendary feud between Stone Cold and Mr. McMahon. Or HBK and Bret's epic rivalry. And the reason we remember those things is they were compelling. They were devoting just as much time to story as the are now, but we didn't care, because the stories mattered. I could stomach PG Raw at three hours if they'd "tell me a f*cking story," as Vince used to put it so eloquently. But until they start people are just going to tune out.

  • Stoney

    Vince is no longer the creative genius he once was

  • partyjereme

    I find it hard to believe that McMahon gets that pissed off about a TV rating, because even though Raw got a "horrible" rating last week Raw's 3 hours took up 3 spots in the top 10 for cable TV rankings last week.The only thing I can think of is that McMahon doesn't realize that alot of people DVR the show, and that more and more people these days are getting rid of cable TV because of how expensive it has gotten and just use the internet to watch all of their shows including Raw

  • Bault16

    Idiots…. Bears Cowboys