Backstage Fallout Featuring Daniel Bryan, Tamina & David Otunga

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The latest edition of "Backstage Fallout" from last night's WWE Raw Supershow is now online. World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan, Tamina and David Otunga are featured. You can watch in the video embedded below courtesy of the official WWE YouTube channel:

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I'm loving the Daniel Bryan heel turn…but I noticed one thing Cole and Lawler they talk about Bryan putting AJ in danger by her being at Ringside. that maybe true… no matter if he asks her to join him or she does so on her own.

    but here is a question what about Vickie Guerrero she can just as easily get hurt at ringside when she is supporting her guys.

    Yes I know Big Show is Feuding with Daniel Bryan and it's part of their feud….and Big Show is not feuding with Ziggler or Swagger.. but if he ever did the same thing can happen to her. Big show can just as easily run over Vickie Guerrero he is bigger then her.

    AJ may not be a manager but she has a right to be at ringside supporting her guy Daniel Bryan. as much as Vickie does Ziggler and Swagger.

    • Alex Rodriguez

      But as the storyline goes, Big Show towered over a 95 pound woman who is “innocent and helpless” everything Vicky Guerrero isn’t. Vicky sure as hell doesn’t weigh 95 pounds, more like 195! Lol

    • Logan_Walker

      to be honest would you bring your GF out ring side with a Giant in the area ?

      He is a good heel but you dont bring them out

  • Ellen

    ok, that was boring.

  • bruno

    AJ is so cute