"Backstage Fallout," How Long Has Ziggler Held MITB Briefcase?, Sergio Romo At Raw

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- This week's episode of "Backstage Fallout" Raw features Dr. Shelby, Kaitlyn and more. Watch it embedded in the video below:

- Dolph Ziggler has held the Money in the Bank briefcase for 190 days. Edge actually held it once for 280 days before "cashing in." Speaking of Ziggler, he's on his way to Sydney, Australia to do promotional work for WWE.

- San Francisco Giants reliever Sergio Romo was backstage at WWE Raw in San Jose, California and Tweeted a photo with World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez:

  • Steve

    way to sell that spear Alicia..

  • jdl

    He’s held it for way too long, and tried to cash it in far too many times. The mitb briefcase was starting to outlive its utility, but Ziggler has turned it into a joke.

  • _JIM_

    Since he’s entering the Rumble at #1 or #2. I think he will end up lasting until the very end to make him look strong, but he will end up being eliminated as one of the last to go out. Then he will end up cashing in and winning the WHC later on in the show if the title maych is after the Rumble. He’s held that case for way too longand they really need to do something with it at this PPV IMO.