"Backstage Fallout" Raw, What You Didn't See On The 20th Anniversary, Return To Houston

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- This week's "Backstage Fallout" Raw is embedded in the video below:

- When the 20th Anniversary episode of WWE Raw went off the air The Rock started towards the back when CM Punk got on the mic. He told Rock to just bring it. They fought again and Rock ended up hitting Punk with a Rock Bottom to end the taping.

- WWE will run a Smackdown live event from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas on Thursday, July 25, 2013. The presale to obtain tickets is now underway at HoustonToyotaCenter.com with the password HOUSTON.

  • Kenneth

    The WWE really need to work on their password creation techniques. They’re always very obvious. I mean really… it’s for an event in Houston, Texas, at the Houston Toyota Centre, and the password is Houston? At the very least they could have made it H0u5toN or something, though a longer random alphanumeric sequence would be a lot more secure.
    Course, it would also help if they didn’t announce their passwords over the internet for all to see.
    Oh… right.