Backstage Incident At WWE Taping Between AJ Lee & Michelle Beadle, CM Punk Upset

There was an incident backstage at last Wednesday's WWE Tribute to the Troops taping involving WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee. Apparently Lee became enraged over an interaction between NBC's Michelle Beadle and her boyfriend CM Punk. Details on what exactly caused the outburst are unknown as of press time but it was a topic making rounds headed into Sunday's WWE TLC pay-per-view.

Beadle Tweeted the following on Thursday:

Punk apparently made reference to it, seemingly placing blame on WWE Thursday evening on Twitter. Punk Tweeted:

I spoke with a source with knowledge of the incident and was told AJ Lee was kayfabing Beadle, however, WWE officials didn't take well to it. I'm told AJ was pulled to the side and screamed at in front of others. CM Punk is upset and doesn't feel AJ should get heat for remaining in character.

  • Patrick

    poor judgement by AJ.

  • Kristina Buford

    so, it was a joke, WWE overreacted, Punk gets pissed at WWE for reacting like that…I want to know the whole story.

  • Guest 483

    Since when has he not been dating Lita? When did him and AJ get together?

    • David F.

      I was thinking that too. when did he and Lita break up? I would love to see AJ v Lita as Joey Stles would say “Catfight!!!” AJ will probably drop the title tonight to Natty because of this

      • Stevie Klaus

        I thought he was still with Beth Phoenix!

        • Ricky

          This guy has a revolving door when it comes to girlfriends Maria, Lita, Beth Pheonix, Lita again and now AJ.

          • smark calloway

            and former tna knockout – traci brooks, back in the day

          • David F.

            I also have feeiling smark that this is a work. Michelle Beadle is a hug WWE fan and I bet they want to create an angle for her at Wrestlemania like that other access hollywood chick

  • Justin Lal

    It’s a lame excuse that AJ would say she was just staying in character with her tirade against Michelle Beadle. Why would AJ’s character get upset with a woman flirting/talking with CM Punk when she hasn’t had anything to do with him since the middle of 2012? AJ needs to learn to keep her personal life separate from her work. It looks like AJ has let all that hype the IWC gives her go to her head; perhaps she thought with her stature she could get away with this. It’s also nice to see CM Punk once again shitting on the company that signs his paychecks.

    Hopefully this means Natayla will win the title tonight.

    • Ashley

      You hit the nail on the head here Justin. I doubt AJ was really just “being in character;” more likely she was acting like a jealous girlfriend and used kayfabe as a poor excuse. Why would Michelle tweet about it if it wasn’t serious? And very sad that CM Punk bought into her crap. I also hope this means she drops the title to Nattie, I think her “character” has been stale since she won it.

      • Justin Lal

        Exactly. It must have been serious for Michelle to tweet about this.

    • Ricky

      Sadly staying in character has become an excuse for being a jerk to people these days. Remember all those reports of Orton being rude to fans and him saying he was just “In character”. I remember a few years back I was at an indie promotion wrestling show and they where taking photos with the roster and the fans.
      One dude refused to be in the picture stating he was a “bad guy” and thus it would be against his character to be in the picture. He was still polite and shook hands and signed autographs, he just refused the pic which is fine. I’ve met heels in character who have been polite. I believe one guy even said “I might break the rules in the ring but I still appreciate the fans”
      Why bring up my stories? It’s simple people can be “In Character” and not total jerks or maniacs. As for Punk, he’s only upset because he’s afraid his relationship with AJ will hurt his standings in WWE.

    • WrestlingFan4Life

      I agree, Justin. I never even knew AJ and Punk were an item until this story. AJ’s character certainly isn’t the girlfriend of Punk’s character, so how does kayfabe factor into this? Sounds like the real-life AJ just got a bit jealous. Perhaps Michelle got a bit too close to Punk for AJ’s liking.

  • Dave l

    Back in the day there was no grey area talent stayed in character.

  • NeronWillRise

    Punk is being emotional again. There’s alot to like about the guy, but he’s got no humility and he’s a whiner. Your girlfriend got out of line and got put back in line. End of story. Should she not get heat because she’s your girl? I think he’s just upset because he knows Cena’s girl would never have gotten bitched at. Which in itself, isn’t fair, but they’re two separate issues.

  • Smarky Smark

    WWE should fire her. Punk to. WWE is a joke that they fire Chris Hero for not getting in shape but yet don’t fire people who trash the company. Pathetic.

  • smark calloway

    all smells like a work to me

  • Jason

    well if wwe wants talent to remain in character at all times here than the fact that AJ Lee just doing her job isnt at all subjected into punishment. granted it was wwe that put that form of character on AJ to begin with. So yeah i agree with Punk on this one.