Details On A Backstage Meeting That Took Place At This Week's WWE Raw With Undercard Talent Over Recent Frustrations; The Office's Surprising Response To JTG's Twitter Meltdown & What They Told Workers In Similar Situations, Disappointing Payoffs, More

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There was a meeting backstage at this week's WWE Raw from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas with some of the undercard talent to try and calm them down about recent disappointing payoffs that have caused increased frustration. One of the concerns was frustrations boiling over onto Twitter and things becoming public as was the case last week with JTG.

I'm told the frustration stems from undercard workers being upset about recent show payoffs. Perhaps the "straw that broke the camel's back" was when bonus checks for Wrestlemania XXVIII came in lower than expected for the aforementioned workers. "It's been a slow building thing," one source with knowledge of the meeting said.

Two specific scenarios were described to me. One, there were members of the undercard that were not on the Wrestlemania XXVIII pay-per-view but did all the Fan Axxess stuff that were paid very little. Two, there have been situations with undercard workers doing promotional appearances for a show they ended up not getting booked for and getting paid very little.

The response from the office was uncharacteristic as they met with the undercard at Raw and told them they understood the frustration and some of the policies would be re-evaluated, however, going public was not the way to handle it. The feeling from my source is morale had gotten so bad company officials realized they actually needed to try and placate the boys instead of just firing JTG for his Tweets. The reaction to JTG's Tweets from fellow undercard talent was very positive as I'm told most everyone "had his back."

  • chelu671

    This is quite relieving that no punishment was taken on JTG or other frustrated lowercard talent. Some of them have been with WWE for years, and have barely made an impact. For example, what has JTG been doing since breaking away from Cryme Tyme? Hmmm. NXT, Superstars & squash matches to Brodus Clay or Ryback.

    You can't rely on the same superstars forever as they retire or get hurt. It's time for change. Give the younger superstars more time & see if he they can run with the ball.


  • StephenSnel23

    Well atleast they are addressing it and not just firing JTG and sweeping it under the rug. WWE should be able to do one or two matches every RAW that involve under card talent with a bit of a storyline.

  • Patrick Peralta

    "company officials realized they actually needed to try and placate the boys instead of just firing JTG for his Tweets. The reaction to JTG’s Tweets from fellow undercard talent was very positive as I’m told most everyone “had his back.”"

    Goood to see the Office is trying something new raither then just fireing people for speaking their mind backstage or in public… They normally just fire those who make the issues public… which I was allways thought was the wrong way to handle it.

    I mean what JTG did on Twitter might not have beent he right way to handle his frustations…but the man has a right to speak out…. and it's stupid to punish someone for speaking out on a ligit issue. not to meantion the old stand by of Freedom of speech.

  • Ricky

    Maybe JTG will get a little something…Vince does like people with backbone remember???

  • Jack

    This is what happens in a business with no credible competition. WWE knows there's nowhere to go and they can do whatever they want. I'd like to believe there will be some change but I'm afraid after a month we'll be right back to where we started.