Major Name In Talks To Appear On Next Week's 1000th Episode Of WWE Raw; Why WWE Decided To Have John Cena "Cash In" His Title Shot & What You Can Expect To See In The Title Match Against CM Punk

- While I'm not by any means confirming him, I'm told "Stone Cold" Steve Austin has been in talks with WWE to appear on the 1000th Raw next week.

- WWE did not want to wait until SummerSlam to do John Cena vs. CM Punk which is the reason Cena announced he would be "cashing in" his Money in the Bank title shot on the 1000th Raw next week. One of the reasons WWE didn't want to build a babyface vs. babyface feud for SummerSlam is their overload of top babyfaces and lack of top heels, not to mention putting Cena back in the WWE title picture for one of their biggest shows to date.

As for the outcome of Punk vs. Cena, I'm told the company was originally looking for ways to get the belt back on Cena but now some are in favor of Punk's lengthy title reign. Should they decide to put Punk over Cena (which I would have to see to believe), it would be the first time a MITB winner didn't win the title. One of my sources doesn't feel there will be a clean outcome.

  • Friday7474

    this could b a heel turn for Cena. Losing because of AJ or another baby face and flipping his lid. That would be amazing

    • Andre

      Cena isn't turning heel anytime soon

      • Tomas

        I concur. People need to get over this whole Cena turning heel thing. The Catholics have a saint for this kind of idea – Saint Happenin'! He makes way too much money for the WWE as a face due to the fact that he is so over with women and children. From what I recall, he consistently sells more merchandise than the rest of the top 5 stars combined. Those kinds of sales numbers are too big to throw away.

        • Jaryd

          Saint Happenin'? lol that's some gentle comedy dude :-p

  • Friday7474

    this could b a heel turn for Cena. Losing because of AJ or another baby face and flipping his lid. That would be amazing.

  • _JIM_

    This could be the first time a cash in doesn’t result in a title change, but its also going to be in a scheduled match instead of a run-in style cashing in of the case. So its not really the same thing but still I don’t forsee a clean win in Punk’s future. If they want to put the strap back on Cena so badly they should wait until mania. This long run has been too good for building Punk’s legitimacy as a top title contender.

    • mjledesma

      Actually RVD announced his MITB with Cena on a ONE NIGHT STAND PPV in 2006

      • Gary

        The crowd was amazing in that match and they blew the roof off the place when RVD frog-splashed Cena for the 3 count!

  • JakShowtime

    Someone eventually has to be the first to lose their cash in. Why not have it be one of the very very very guys who could take a loss like that and not have it damage their career? (Jericho could have taken the loss as well, had he won)

    • JakShowtime

      er, very very very few guys*

  • Theguy12

    Big Show is going to interfer causing a disqualification and making Cena the only person to unsuccessfully cash in Money In The Bank. It’s going to be John Cena vs Big Show vs CM Punk for the WWE title at Summer Slam

  • PainOfDemise

    I can see Cena being the first winner failing to get the title. The main reason for this, is because the loss won't hurt him at all and he is the best person for this to happen to.

    I would love for Austin to be at the 1,000th raw. I know I'm really hoping it happens, he is the only one that is left to appear to make that episode one of the greatest.

    • jon


  • Guy Landau

    *which you have to see to believe

    • Patrick Peralta

      not to hard to imagine Punk going over Cena it happen once before only at that time Cena was Champion. That being said I see Big Show getting invovled knocking out both guys and costing Cena the title…..a loss will not hurt Cena so they can afford to have him be the first man to fail to cash in MITB.

  • Isaac

    Well I have enjoyed Punk's title reign while it lasted

  • Kleck

    If Cena didn’t win, how embarrassing would that be? With every other cash in resulting in a title switch. Punk will lose and it probably be some sort of wacko ending. If they want the Rock to go for the title and wanted a Cena/Rock rematch…they had to do this at some point.

  • samantha_reichle

    I hate to be a spoiler, but July 29th, Raw will be in Louisville Kentucky. My hometown and they are advertising John Cena vs. The Big Show in a steel cage match and Cena does not have the belt.

    • GODSENT83

      They never advertise title changes

  • LeftyTosser

    Punk has taken his game to an all new level since winning the strap. I'd bet he keeps it for a while longer. Cena can handle the loss. It won't be a heel turn because of dollar signs in VKM's eyes and besides, Cena really would suck as a heel.

  • John

    Richard, is there any word on Undertaker?

  • smithmiester

    Cm punk will win this