Backstage News On The Chaotic Atmosphere At This Week's Raw Supershow - The Reason For The Return Of Mr. McMahon Despite Him "Losing All Power" In Storyline, Dysfunction Between Upper Management & The Writing Team, Details On How Raw Was Being Rewritten Right Up Until Show Time, Explanation For Two Forgotten Storylines & What Match Was Added To Programming This Week Last Minute

To recap the atmosphere backstage at this week's Raw Supershow, there was major panic over the 2.7 cable rating the Memorial Day show did last week. The last time Raw scored this type of rating was in December of last year when Monday Night Football did a huge rating.

Vince McMahon blew a gasket over last week's number and laid it out on Sunday that he wanted to bring back the Mr. McMahon character and book John Cena with Michael Cole in the opening and closing segments of this week's show in attempt to hotshot ratings.

One of the major causes of concern from the writing team was how they were going to explain Mr. McMahon coming back to "evaluate the job performance" of John Laurinaitis when in storyline, the character was "removed" and "lost all power." Vince's response to the question was something along the lines of "no one believes or remembers that." I'm told more than one writer rolled their eyes as if to say why are they booking things they don't buy let alone the fans. Another writer was annoyed that not only were they trying to create a new storyline between Cena and Cole but also try and cover up for the long-term McMahon storyline.

This week's show was re-written until nearly one hour before the taping began. In an act of pure unwillingness to write scripts together, a follow-up on Christian vs. Cody Rhodes was scrapped and Sin Cara was added last minute.

I'm told the reason the Abraham Washington storyline "comes and goes" because it's simply forgotten some weeks. It was mentioned he would be managing Primo & Epico this week but as was seen on last night's show, there was no sign of any of them.

  • Todd

    I for one am very happy the Mr. McMahon character is coming back. I am so sick of Johnny and I think Vince will spice it up finally. I just don't get dropping the storyline about McMahon losing power, it would be so easy to just bring out Triple H and come up with some explanation. The dropped story lines (like the "laptop GM") are getting annoying.

  • Kleck

    Welcome to the PG Era you created Vince…this was your call alone. Your ratings have been falling for half a decade! Now we have legitimate high mid carders suffering for your poor planning? We remember what happened less than a year ago! It’s absolutely no wonder why the writers are getting fed up, I don’t blame them in the least…modified up to an hour before the show. Wow…

  • smithmiester

    One day there’s a possibility that other wrestling organisations (TNA) are going to be challenging wwe, if they continue to have these issues then we may see a change in the wind in regards to the “top wrestling organisation” providing TNA can also get it together. (Hogan, Prichard, Bischoff out).


    Doesn't anyone remember that "Mr McMahon " actually came back and "removed" Triple H from his duties about a month after Trip did it to Vince? Something I read on this site about Hunter needing to rest nagging injuries? WWE flip flops all the time. I know the writers get frustrated but you'd think they'd be used to Vince flip flopping by now. He hopes that the fans have a very short memory.

    • Bault16

      Yes he did. You should be writing these articles.

  • Ricky

    Shortly after Vince was removed from power by HHH, during a backstage segment Trips said that Vince was still Chairman of the WWE, just not in charge of the day to day operations.

    • jonathon212

      even if hes still the chariman, how could he come to evaluate johnny ace job when he was relieved of his power last year to do these type of things ?

      its pretty clear that wwe has turned into crap and the blame falls to vince . he appears to be going senile and until he is finally replaced the product will suffer like it is. vince has done some great things for the business but everyone has their day, and it looks like vince days are up and have been for a while . he really needs to retire for the sake of the company although i know that will never happen

    • Jaryd


  • Miles

    A mixture of old age and steroid abuse. Sounds like Vince has gone bonkers

  • Josh

    I get the feeling next weeks show is gonna end with a cliffhanger

  • Patrick_Peralta

    "no one believes or remembers that. WRONG I remember those storylines..I don't forget.

  • robert

    i like vince i'd watch just to see him prob the second best character after austin, hell bring back Austin where's i can beat your ass backward shirt at oops veering off the article but ya mr. mcmahon is the man

  • Rkoturner17

    I think they should brin back McMahon court like they did with bischoff and then find big Johnny guilty of sucking and have John cena attitude adjust Johnny into a dump truck!

  • _JIM_

    Like anyone actually believed a guy with the money troubles of Ric Flair used to “own” Raw back in the day. Their just story lines to put butts in seats and behind the remote controls. There have been plenty of story lines that haven’t quite made sense, but that’s just part of the business. Its not like these writers are ever winning an Emmy or something. Just enjoy you are working in TV and actually have a job in this economy.

    • Kris Hardy

      It doesn't matter if they are never "winning an Emmy or something." One of the problems in the WWE is the lack of brand new storylines, overusing old storylines, easy predictability in matches and how sometimes because Mr. McMahon can change it last minute, the lack of logic in some storylines. We can blame Vince for that but you also have to put the blame on Ed Koskey (Smackdown Head Writer) and David Kapoor (Raw Head Writer). They have the power to say "No" to Vince over the other writers. And Stephanie McMahon should step in somewhere since she IS the Executive VP of Creative. Hopefully they can all get together and give us a brand new era of WWE where it's entertaining, unpredictable and doesn't hurt my brain.