Ryback Getting What He Wants, Backstage Reaction To Brock Lesnar's Attack On 3MB, Antonio Cesaro In The WWE Doghouse?, Loaded Show Set For London, Who Must Go Over At Extreme Rules

Backstage news and notes from WWE Raw in Greenville, South Carolina...

- WWE is going full speed ahead with the Ryback heel turn as was evident with the video package and subsequent angle on this week's WWE Raw. It's what he has pushed for and complained about for months and he is finally getting what he wants.

- We're told everyone was very pleased with how Brock Lesnar came off in his attack on 3MB. The feeling was it was "close to perfect" and Brock looked like a a monster, even selling he was going to hit Heath SlaterĀ a third time and not doing it.

- Vince McMahon booked Kofi Kingston over Antonio Cesaro for the WWE United States Championship, wanting another title change on the show to keep the momentum from last week. Kofi is obviously out of the company doghouse although Cesaro seems to inadvertently have stepped in. Some have pointed to CM Punk wearing the Cesaro shirt at the Wrestlemania Press Conference and the backstage whispers about him being left off the pay-per-view lineup. Obviously none of this is Cesaro's fault, but it is how Vince reacted. With that being said, Cesaro vs. Kofi on this week's show received high marks backstage.

- Both writers and producers are expecting big things from Undertaker & Team Hell No vs. The Shield and Fandango next week in London. One observer commented, they will be over huge in Europe.

- The feeling from the people I spoke with is that Brock Lesnar must go over Triple H at Extreme Rules.

  • Daarko

    You are on fire this week with the backstage news, Richard! Good job!

  • Chris

    Good job Punk, you are somewhat responsible for throwing Cesaro under the bus with another one of your idiotic crusades

    • Nate

      This wasn’t Punk’s fault either. This is simply another example of Vince getting in his own way.

    • So a top star throwing support behind an up and comer is a bad thing now? Funny how no one bitched about Cena and Ryder until it ended, or even Cena putting over Ryback last year, but god forbid Punk try to put someone over back stage and all of the sudden you think he’s killing the guys career. Get a life you idiot!

      • Chris

        Punk hasn’t done a damn thing to put Cesaro over, if anything he’s inadvertently put him under, Punk needs to stop acting like he’s some freedom riding rebel BS and learn when to keep his mouth shut. A very good wrestler is now in the doghouse b/c your hero CM Punk doesn’t know when to just chill

        • So wearing his shirt and going on record in interviews around mania stating that of course Cesaro deserves a spot on the Wrestlemania card is putting him under? What sort of messed up logic do you love by anyway?

          • Matt

            Work this from McMahon logic territory here. Punk bitching probably equals Cesaro bitching behind scenes and Punk making it more obvious.

          • I agree with you there, but the end result is that it ends up being Vinces fault and not necessarily CM Punks

          • Chalon

            Agree with you Simon, don’t try to reason with a hater, they have no logic, just hate. Retarded to blame Punk, blame Vince who is the one with the HUGE ego.

    • Gary Robert

      wearing a shirt is hardly a crusade

  • Chris

    What are the chances of Cesaro being reunited with Hero as a tag team?

  • John

    I’m honestly getting sick of Ryback now. He has been in the business for 5 minutes and he has done nothing but complain about his spot in the company.

    Having said that, i’ve always been the type of fan that enjoys heel’s more than face’s, so no doubt i will end up liking him in the coming weeks/months which is unfortunate.

  • Moe

    I’m just really starting to dislike McMahon with a passion.

    • Dangerous Lee

      And yet you still pour money into his empire

      • Kevin

        He is entitled to my own opinion, you know?