Backstage News From WWE HIAC - Alberto Del Rio Teased Over Blown Spot, Sin Cara Injury Update, Reaction To Big Show vs. Sheamus; Including Why A Plan That Called For Dolph Ziggler To "Cash In" Was Scrapped

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- Alberto Del Rio was teased backstage for his huge blown spot during his match against Randy Orton. Del Rio's stock continues to fall as he's had heat for months.

- Sin Cara was fine backstage after landing on his head and it's not believed he suffered a concussion.

- Both Big Show and Sheamus were praised for their match at Hell in a Cell with many of their co-workers coming up to them and telling them they had the match of the night. The plan all week was for Sheamus to drop the belt but the original plan was for Dolph Ziggler to "cash in" the Money in the Bank briefcase. The plan was dropped as the company is exploring a potential Ziggler vs. John Cena program.

  • Hitman310

    That blown spot was just terrible. It looked like at one point both guys didn't know what to do next. FAIL of the night,

    • dusty588

      What was the spot that got messed up?

      • Ryan

        I was thinking it was the spot where ADR got up on the turnbuckle only to randomly jump back off again with nothing happening…could be wrong though

      • Hitman310

        Yeah it was when ADR got on the top rope and jumped off and nothing happened towards the end of the match.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Did I miss that? What was the blown spot.. I was at hooters and was distracted by the waitress the whole time

  • Philip Thompson

    I'm legally blind but have a big TV which I sit close enough to so it's like I'm in the front row at the cinema – so sometimes I miss details and don't see everything as well as everything else – especially if things are moving quickly – so I may have missed the blown spot. If I'd have to guess I'd have thought it was when Randy ended up hanging off backwards near the bottom of the back-right corner. When he finally landed his neck was really bent quite badly with his chin in his chest whilst he was on the back of his head and his neck would have been taking the full weight of his body at a really nasty angle. There was also a spot where I remember it looking like his shoulder could have potentially been dislocated if it had gone wrong – but I often think that given Randy has hypermobile joints. And I don't mean all that pot he (allegedly) smokes is in badly rolled wonky joints.

    Let's all start calling Del Rio 'Berty Botch' and see if it catches on backstage. Do you guys get Liquorise Allsorts in the USA? Their mascot is called Berty Bassett which is my inspiration for the name… along with Sheamus calling him Berty. I actually quite like Del Rio and I really like Ricardo Rodriquez. It'd be interesting to know if he's anywhere near as arrogant as his character. If that really is the case then Vince needs to test him – he's never been properly buried. It'd be interesting to see if he worked through it or quit the company – I don't mean buried in the sense that he has to job to Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal or Curt Hawkins every week – more get lowered to the tag division and have to team with his brother and share the spotlight. I know that some pretty high-caliber talent is in the tag division right now so the tag division wouldn't be much of a drop for him at this point because they've managed to elevate the division and give the belts way more value than they've had in recent years. Does anyone else remember 'The Heartthrobs' or 'The Dicks'? Those were bad teams. I was hoping last night that when 'The Boogeyman' we might get a backstage appearance – especially with it being Halloween. It just had to be a one-time deal. It would be funny if Booker ran into him too – especially with their history. Am I starting to ramble like Roddy Piper now? I'll stop.