Backstage News From WWE Raw - You Won't Believe Who Was Behind The Matching Ring Gear Of Mysterio & Sin Cara (Plus Why Rey Is Working In A Shirt), Heat On Tensai After Match With Ryback, Details On The Rising Stock Of Two Midcarders & What They Did That Got Them Rave Reviews, Vince McMahon To Speak With John Cena About PPV This Week; More On Hell In A Cell Main Event

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- Believe it or not, I'm told the idea to have Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara wear matching ring gear was one of none other than Paul Heyman. His thinking was it would make them look more like a team. As for Rey working in a shirt, Vince McMahon feels his stomach and abs "look like crap."

- Tensai got a tremendous amount of backstage heat after not helping Ryback lift him on the go-home to their match.

- Damien Sandow got "major props" backstage for his work at this week's show and I'm told a lot of eyes were opened that he was the one that carried Sheamus through their match. Company officials were reportedly concerned about Sheamus getting blown up early.

- I'm told Antonio Cesaro was booked with a clean impressive win over Brodus Clay to make him look more legitimate as WWE United States Champion. His finisher on Clay got rave reviews.

- Vince McMahon will speak with John Cena this week to nail down his status for WWE Hell in a Cell. Ryback is the backup plan to face CM Punk for the WWE Championship and was way over on Raw. I'm told while Ryback is beginning to turn the corner, many feel he is still not ready for such a push but his supporters are growing. The plan is to officially announce the Raw main event for the pay-per-view next week.

  • Slade6alpha

    These are my favorites articles because it gives me a great indication of what goes on backstage on WWE tv. Thank you Richard Gray.

    • Ranfery25

      Totally Agree! Especially How thorough (I hope I spelled it right) Richard is on everything! Thank You Richard!

  • Stephen

    Oh Paul Heyman, what cant you do? Vince is right about Rey, he's gotten pretty fat. Tensi didnt help Ryback at all and you can tell Ryback was pissed off so much. Damien Sandow = Gold, enough said. And Antonio Cesaro has been one of my favorites for a while now and I cant wait to see him go further.

    • Dig Baddy

      Of course Rey's fat. He's been off the juice for how long now? Look at his transformation over the last few years. You know one of his wellness failures were for roids…it's just common sense.

  • Patrick Peralta

    After watching their match on Smackdown and lasnight on RAW.. I agree Tensai didn't help Ryback at all to list him up on his shoulders….I figured Tensai would get heat over it.

    While I am a fan of Ryback I don't agree with them putting him in a (Maybe feud ) with Punk…he is not ready for such a push. they need to go slow with him not rush him to the top because Cena is out healing.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Richard do u know if last night’s main event tag match was planned? Something seemed off about it.

  • Ricky

    I could tell that Tensai wasn't helping when Ryback was trying to do his finisher. Maybe trying to make him look foolish, I think it's a bad move as Tensai could lose his job over it.

    • Amsterdam

      I had to rewind it but i was able to hear ryback yell "stupid!" at tensai after he threw him down

      • Stephen

        Not a valid observation.. When does Ryback NOT yell ''stupid''. Thats one of his common words towards his opponents.

  • Wayne

    Sandow did a great job.

  • Craig

    Love these articles, well done Richard.

  • ImAwesome420

    Richard, I was wondering if you knew how the “debate” went over backstage. I thought Show and Sheamus made the segment a complete joke. Was that the purpose?

  • Todd

    Great article! Totally why I'm a premium member

  • _JIM_

    Cesaro impressed the heck out of me with that finisher on Clay. It looked like he did all the work on getting him up all by himself. At least he was able to muscle throuh it. Unlike Ryback’s situation with Tensai. That was ugly and Tensai is lucky Ryback didn’t get injured.

    Sandow basically carried Sheamus through that entire match. Sheamus needs some serious cardio work. Getting blown up in a 10 min match is unexcusable IMO. Especially for a guy carrying the WHC, but I’m sure Hunter will make sure its ok since Sheamus is his boy. Which will not help Sheamus in the least. He won’t get better as long as Hunter is constantly covering for him.