Backstage News From Raw - Ryback's Breakdown, Opinion Of Jack Swagger, Mark Henry Accused Of Being Reckless; Daniel Bryan Injured?, Orton Disappointments McMahon, Why The Miz Was Teased About Working With Brock Lesnar, Update On PPV Bout

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- Ryback had a breakdown in his match against Antonio Cesaro as he was supposed to take the match home after the power bomb. This explains the second "meat hook clothesline."

- Vince McMahon was said to be pleased with the aggressiveness shown by Jack Swagger in his repackaged gimmick.  The feeling is this is what Swagger was missing and there was  talk of dumping the singlet in favor of more non-traditional ring gear.

- We're told Daniel Bryan was looked at by medical staff backstage after Mark Henry tossed him into the barricade. Some saw it as reckless and Mark isn't exactly the most-liked guy right now with his "main event or nothing" attitude. However, no one said anything to him about it backstage.

- We noted earlier that WWE expected Randy Orton to win the WWE Active poll as CM Punk's opponent.  When he lost in favor of Chris Jericho, we're told it accentuated his disconnect with the audience.

- Some were joking that if The Miz even remotely potatoed Brock Lesnar, Brock would have just killed him. Many laughed when Lesnar chucked the chair at him. As my source put it, no matter what Miz does in the business he's always going to have the "you didn't pay your dues" stigma.

- It looks like WWE is going the direction we reported, putting The Shield against John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus at Elimination Chamber. The only question seems to be whether or not it will be in the Chamber structure itself or just a traditional 6-man tag team match.

  • Michael

    The audience doesn’t hate Orton that bad because they voted more for him then mysterio. I also guess this disqualifies Sheamus from the number one contender elimination chamber match, God please no khali. I knew I saw Daniels head hit the barricade.

    • Gary Robert

      I thought it was obvious that Jericho would be the pick. Surprised they all felt it would have been Orton.

    • Pluto

      I was hoping too see Mysterio/Punk honestly, their matches were easily a notch above anything that Punk/Jericho have done IMHO.

      • Michael

        No problem with that but the match that punk/Jericho put on was IMO the match of the year so far. They went out there and told a story and the match had everybody on the edge of their seats wondering who was going to win.

        • Pluto

          I’m actually gonna have too disagree with you here. I thought that the ADR/Ziggler match from this past Friday and the Cena/Ziggler steel cage match from RAW a few weeks ago were better then Punk/Jericho IMO. But you can’t go wrong with either of those matches though

          • Michael

            The Cena/Ziggler match was ok but had more interference then it needed with big E. I don’t watch to much smackdown as it has become boring over the years but I’ll take your word on that one. But the Jericho/Punk match was well done with a clean finish and best of all no outside interference from nobody. All I want are more matches like that man no over kill on the cheating, no help from managers just pure wrestling with enough time to make the match awesome. Ziggler will almost always put on a great shire stealing match with almost anybody Khali is the exception because he can’t work. That’s why I said Ziggler, Jericho, Punk, Orton, Adr, kofi, Antonio, Daniel, Seth, Dean, Wade, Christian, Mysterio, Brock, and Damian can wrestle I mean Bert Hart, Dean Malenko, Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Ricky steamboat, old school wrestle. If wwe would really focus more on having more actual wrestling matches than entertaining spots that are lame at times the show and product would benefit greatly from it. I’m a fan no matter what I’ll watch until I die but I still love wrestling matches over entertainment.

  • RJR

    I never really leaned one way or another about Swagger… but I must admit, his return has been refreshing and I’ve found myself enjoying him!

    Mark Henry is nearing the end of his career and let’s be fair. He’s given the company well over a decade of his life. His last main event run was stellar and extremely entertaining. And lots of other people have given the same ultimatum he’s currently giving. So, I can’t fault him for wanting to be in the main event one last time before retirement. He’s earned it.

    I’m honestly surprised that ANYONE backstage thought Orton would beat Jericho legitimately in that poll. Right when they announced the choices, I knew Jericho would win. He’s fresh off of a return and people care about him. Orton is still popular, but he hasn’t done much lately to get the fans behind him. A few lackluster wins and more losses recently than ever in his career. Jericho winning shouldn’t have been a shocker.

    The Miz definitely has earned the right to move away from the “reality star that hasn’t earned his stripes” stigma. Granted, I really hate his babyface turn and I don’t think he’s sold it nearly as well as Alberto del Rio has sold his turn… but he’s also a very solid performer, capable of holding his own and having really good matches. He’s earned his spot and hopefully someday this negativity surrounding him will disappear.

    Antonio Cesaro will be a World Champion someday. He proved last night that he can carry ANYONE to an entertaining match.

  • Richard,

    I would expect more from you regarding The Miz. This report just proves you
    have a vendetta with The Miz. All of your reports are negative towards him. As
    far as “not paying his dues” that is ridiculous. I would assume you of all people could appreciate someone coming into the WWE with no friends/backers and making his way to the top. After all you are in a profession that is looked down upon by many wrestling purists/wrestlers/some fans. I can appreciate that you have built this site up through your hard work and dedication. Why can’t you feel the same way about The Miz? Need I remind you of the BS Miz had to go through early on? I’m a fan of CM Punk and while I appreciate his honesty with his bumpy-WWE ride I also appreciate Miz in that he got tougher from the treatment he received – he never whined or bitched about things in a real life manner.

    It was great to see Miz not back down from Brock. And while Brock could easily destroy Miz its apparent Miz could totally bury Brock Lesnar on the stick. Brock cannot defend himself verbally without Heyman. Heyman is a great talker, but Miz held his own against him last night. The final comments Miz made prove how valuable
    he is on the mic – the words just flow out of his mouth so magnificently. He
    bested Heyman and Vickie with his line at the end.

    The issue you probably have with Miz is that he’s not an “Indy” guy — he
    didn’t come up the same way as Daniel Bryan or CM Punk did. But to me Miz paid
    his dues. When he was with Morrison most fans would have said that Morrison
    would be the one destined for greatness yet the opposite happened. That’s not
    due to backstage politics, it’s because Miz worked harder and wanted it more. Nothing was handed to Miz on a silver platter.

    I love coming to your site for news and you do a tremendous job Richard. But I’ve noticed (and said before) that you let your biases creep into your reports.

    • This report came directly from my source, absolutely none of my own feelings were inserted.

      • That’s fine. I hope you don’t think I’m being rude. I’m just giving my take on the matter. Miz will always have detractors backstage simply because he has a rags-to-riches story. Just like their are envious people towards The Rock. What I would like to know is if the source that gave you this information feels Miz is not worthy of even being showcased. Because if this source feels Miz is a waste of air time than he might not understand the E in entertainment for WWE.

    • The only problem I see with your post is Richard has no vendetta against Miz… If you read the section on Miz you’ll see he clearly states that people backstage were laughing about it and that it is the opinion of Miz, given to Richard by a source and not Richards personal opinion. Please get your facts right before jumping into accusations like this.

      • I’m just going by recent news stories that were posted. They are always negative towards Miz. Just like most of the stories of Daniel Bryan seem to be positive.

    • Win

      With all the said, I’m still looking for the bias in the reporting.

    • Pluto

      I’ve noticed that myself. I think Richard is great at what he does but I feel he goes out of his way sometimes too post stories too try and make guys Like Punk, Bryan, Cesaro or any other guy look good while posted things about non Indy guys too make them look bad.

  • PainOfDemise

    I think it would be interesting to have a team elimination chamber match with The Shield vs. Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback instead of having it a regular 6 man tag.

    • Gary Robert

      Agreed,. this was you can get possibly all 3 Shield members in with two of the others trapped int he chamber waiting to be let out or vice versa etc etc

  • I hope WWE doesn’t reprimand Mark Henry. If Daniel Bryan can’t handle some stiffness than maybe he shouldn’t be in the big leagues. Miz got nailed with a chair from Brock and got right up from that night.

    • Gary Robert

      Disagree. Henry either should have thrown Bryan fully into the wall or onto the mat beyond the wall. He threw him in a manner where his body was flung past he wall with just his head hitting it which is dangerous. That being said, it happens and its just a matter of being more careful and protecting the guys you’re working with.

    • Pluto


  • Chris

    Your source on the Miz is a bitch for just being a source, and not saying who he is!! What a douchebag!!!

  • michael

    The chamber match will be set up like the game version. one person from each side start and then alternate who is next. like war games.

  • Mike

    Personally, I think Ryback thinks too much of himself, which isn’t a good thing in the business.

    • Nostaljack

      Have you met him? Where are you getting that from? ‘Course, if he’d have been on the ring with Orton two years ago, he’d be in big trouble.

  • Seth Iser

    Do remember there’s a difference between stiff and unsafe. Stiff you normally feel in the morning and are sore. Unsafe you might not feel in the morning but if something is too unsafe, you won’t be going back to your job in the morning, either. *Shrugs* When you’re not a guy who breaks in through a true wrestling system and you can have an attitude that can rub people the wrong way, that’s what happens to you. Take that for what it’s worth from a psychology major.