Backstage News From WWE Raw - Did He Blade, Did He Not Blood? CM Punk Adds Color In Main Event; Will There Be Backlash?, Shot Taken At Top UFC Name, What Caused Vince McMahon To Throw A Tantrum & Call Out The Producers In Front Of People In The Locker Room

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- Did CM Punk blade, did Punk not blade; the bottom line is the current WWE Champion is going to "push the envelope" every time until it is pushed back. These are the exact words I was told by one of my sources regarding the steel cage match against Jerry Lawler on this week's WWE Raw. The match was an "old school" cage match with an "old school" feel and Punk wanted juice and that's what we got. Since there was no clear shot of Punk blading there will be no backlash because he can always claim the blood came the hard way.

- There was an indirect shot taken towards Jon Jones on this week's broadcast during one of the CM Punk/Jerry Lawler segments. The dig came when Lawler said something to the tune of he was a man and didn't back down from a fight. I was assured this was because of Punk's friendship with Chael Sonnen.

- If you thought this week's WWE Raw sucked was lackluster, you aren't alone. Vince McMahon was reportedly infuriated about how bad the broadcast was and was ranting the show looked second rate. Vince didn't like the match lineup, specifically mentioning David Otunga vs. Zack Ryder, the tag match involving Brodus Clay and Sin Cara and Ryback looking bad in his match against Jack Swagger. One source said Vince was throwing a tantrum, calling out the producers in front of people. I'm told it's a long show and everyone is burned out and now the frustration is getting played out on live television.

  • Slade6alpha

    I love this site, especially the premium content! I love getting up to date and accurate news on what's going on backstage in terms of WWE and in a timely fashion! Thank you Richard Gray, keep up the amazing work!

  • Wayne

    I thought Goldberg, I mean Ryback hurt Swagger by dropping him on his head. I thought the show was kinda

  • Fernando

    They should cut the 3rd hour ASAP. It looks like it's burning both writers and producers up, and that's having repercussions on show's quality.

  • Moose666

    Perhaps if VKM would give the writers information in advance for long term plans and quit changing story lines at the last minute, they would not be so stressed and make a less-than-acceptable presentation on live television. He should be mad at himself instead of those he toys with on a daily basis. I am basing this statement on information from this site and not from personal contact just to be clear.

    • Ranfery25

      Oh yea that made it less obvious

    • Kleck

      How exactly can the writer be at fault for bad match looks and feels? The writer can book any match they want but at the end of the day, it’s the wrestlers who have to go out there and perform. The example of Ryback vs Swagger, the ring work of Ryback is at fault, not the writers trying to get him over. We are still in the early stages of this 3 hour RAW timeframe…Vince int going to like everything he sees but I believe it will get better each week as new talent is pushed and younger faces are showcased.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Doesn’t Vince know who is going to wrestle before the show airs? Don’t blame anyone but McMahon for the show..

  • dusty588

    I, as well as I'm sure many other people LOVED the KANE anger management class. As for the rest of the show; "meh."

    • richy

      The anger management segment was the only entertaining part which is sad when you have three hours to produce at least one match worthwhile

  • LeftyTosser

    That was Ryback's worst outing yet. He looked terrible and missed move spots than he hit. I was concerned about Swagger landing poorly also. I thought that could have easily been very serious for Swagger.

  • Patrick Peralta

    The botch with Swagger landing on his head was not good… don't blame Vince for being upset over that.. Swagger is lucky he is still alive after that move.

    feel sorry for Ryder I like him but if Vince is throwing a temper tantrum then he may not be on Raw for a while.

  • _JIM_

    I like the 3-hour format a lot, but that’s for one reason and one reason alone, the matches are given a lot more time. Which is always a good thing on a wrestling show. If Vince wants to complain why doesn’t he complain to Hunter about his segment? That thing went on forever! Don’t get me wrong. I thought it was a good segment, but it was a bit long for my taste. Kind of slowed the show down IMO. All in all I thought the show was good. Its just going to be hard to fill that 3-hours every week so that it doesn’t seem long. As long as they have good matches the time flys by. This weeks match selection just wasn’t so stellar. Besides Punk / Lawler and Miz / Cena there really wasn’t anything to write home about. I really like how well King is working with Punk. The guy can get over as a baby face as well as anybody currently on the working roster. There’s quite a few people who should’ve been taking notes. Punk pushing the envelope and blading was great. Realism is lacking in a lot of these matches now a days and having blood in a cage match definitely amps up the realism in a big way.

  • JamieSNZ

    Please. They stuck an extra hour of videos, promos and recaps in. The matches are all still the same length.

  • manips

    the cm punk story reminds me of the one from bret hart’s book, about blading during his and roddy piper’s match during wrestlemania vii.

  • Jack

    The title of this story is quite confusing.

    Great report, though.