Backstage News From WWE Raw - Diva Praised, The Youth Movement & How It Means Less TV Time For Randy Orton & John Cena, Why Some Are Already Concerned About Dolph Ziggler, Details On A Failed Babyface Turn

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- AJ Lee got a very strong reaction backstage for her match against Tamina Snuka. She was praised in particular for the way she was bumping and making the match look better than it was.

- One of the more talked about items this week was how WWE Raw has taken a major facelift in its development of new and younger talent. The show wasn't only based around The Shield but new stars like Damien Sandow and Ryback.

- Another observer pointed out how the burial of Randy Orton and limited amount of John Cena was another sign of the youth movement. Someone made a joke backstage that "Raw is Punk… no wait… Raw is Ring of Honor."

- There is already some concern with the bumps Dolph Ziggler is planning to take at WWE TLC in his match with John Cena. We're told the longevity of his body holding up will come into question as he moves into the biggest 12 months of his career.

- Finally, we're told The Miz's babyface turn is already being second guessed. WWE officials didn't like the way he came across on television and it wasn't well received.

  • Patrick Peralta

    Miz is better as a heel then a face, he is trying to hard to be Austin like. in terms of Austin didn't change his ways and what he did as a heel he only focused them on the heels instead of the Faces. Even Austin himself later on in a promo during his failed Heel turn and joining HHH, he stated he never changed at all or asked to be a hero he was the same guy he had allways been and that's true.

    Miz is trying to be like that and for him it is not working.

  • Justin

    I love what Miz was able to do last night. I even called it during CM Punk's bitching and asked myself who could possibly come out and confront Punk and I thought of Miz. If WWE feels Miz needs to be a cookie cutter face than they need to rethink things. Miz will still be a loudmouth, ego maniac… however he won't disparage the fans the way a normal heel will.

  • snuggle

    What was wrong with the way Miz came across Richard?

    • Richard Gray

      They didn't buy it apparently

      • snuggle

        But he came off like a normal mid card baby face.

    • Jack

      He didn't look comfortable. Punk had his way with him on the mic.

  • J-Dub

    That 's because everyone hates the MIZ. He makes people watching MIZERABLE!

  • izblack

    Punk is RAW spells disaster for sure. If McMahon is gonna invest in making him the centerpiece of RAW then RAW will hit a recession very soon. The only reason it won’t be a big deal is because there is no other comany like WCW too take advantage of the terrible ratings RAW has done with Punk at the top of the card

    • Richard Gray

      Just out of curiosity when did you become down on Punk? Before or after the heel turn?

      Also, if you were booking, who would you label as the centerpiece of the show?

      Always interested at how people have turned on Punk.

      • Miles

        Punk’s been pretty much the same for years now, I’m a big fan of Ryback but there’s only one Daniel Bryan, the Rick Flair of today

      • izblack

        Never been a fan of Punk honestly, I feel that too many fans jump on the bandwagon because he’s from ROH. People assume that If you are from ROH that you are automatically great. I’ve also met the man and I can say that I was less then impressed by the way he carries himself. Imnot convinced that he’s the guy that will replace Cena as “the guy”.

        As far as who I think should be the centerpiece of the show, I’d easily have too say that the focal point of the show should be on Cena/Zigglar. The quality of matches that Cena/Zigglar have/will produce is better then anything that Punk/Ryback could ever dream too come up with me.

        • izblack

          And in a side note, I’ve always hated how so many Punk fans use too rip/accuse guys like HHH, Cena, Hogan of never putting people over or trying too derail other wrestlers’ careers when Punk himself has never helped evaluate anybody else’ career. It’s this bulig double standard and false considering that HHH made stars out of guys like Orton & Batista: Cena put over Edge, RVD & Sheamus for their first World Titles while Hogan did the same for Warrior & Goldberg. Who’s Punk ever elevated?

          • dektcmpunx

            thats because punk is still establishing himself as a main guy…..this is what usually happens with big stars they dont dont start putting over new stars until they have been dominant for a while….i mean looka the timing of when cena,hogan,triple h etc put over these new guys it wasnt until they were well established as main eventers years after having been almost untouchable,…and the same will happen with punk….i mean seriously what kind of rub would someone get from punk who has just been a true main event guy for the better part of one year? and who is to say punk hasnt elevated him? just cos ryback didnt take the title from him doesnt mean he hasnt looked like a million bucks….cos he has but quite frankly its not rybacks time yet……if he wouldve won the title so soon it wouldve been very forgetable…..

          • Izblack

            That's bullshit. Before this long title reign he had already been a 4x WHC, 1x ECW Champ, 2x MITB Winner, 1x IC Champ, & 1x Tag Team Champ. A list like that seems is very established so don't try too give me that BS excuse. So again I ask, Who has Punk ever helped evalate. You see Richard, this is exactly what I'm taking about. Double Standard. Punk fans give Punk a free pass on stuff that they accuse other wrestlers of.

        • Justin

          Well said. I've also seen Punk interact with fans and the guy is a complete douche. I'm not shocked that this the same guy that told a fan on twitter to "drink bleach." CM Punk is a great wrestler, but he is unfit to be the face of the WWE. Have we ever heard of fans complaints about Cena like we always hear about Punk?

          I also can easily tell from Punk's body language that when he cuts promos like the one from last night he's talking directly to management and anyone that doesn't stroke his ego like most in the IWC do. My problem with Punk is that he still goes around with a chip on his shoulder. The guy seems to have genuine contempt for the company that pays him — it's like it's never good enough for Punk and it's similar of the attitude of many in this country. I firmly believe that CM Punk (Phil Brooks) is an envious person… and he lets his envy seep through his promos (intentional or not).

          As for the Miz I'm not sure how anyone can see him failing as a face. He started a pretty good chant that will most likely stick towards Heyman. His intensity during the final segment was very well done. I think anyone backstage that didn't see it that way must be a huge Punk supporter who probably didn't like the smugness from Miz.

          • izblack

            Well said

          • Nostaljack

            Punk…is…a…heel. You *aren't supposed* to like him. I'm sure he's no angel but, with all due respect, you're being worked.

      • eddie27

        I’m a big fan of Punk but I’ve soured on him since his heel turn. I liked the turn at first but the whole respect angle has been very boring and predictable IMO.

  • 1. AJ did look good even for a match that I didn't care about.
    2. That is the way WWE Raw should be but due to Raw ratings declining it probably won't last long.
    3. I think whoever that is is over-exaggerating a tiny bit.
    4. If I remember correctly people have been worrying about him bumping so well for years. That's why you have to have a back-up plan just in case. Give Ziggler that ball and let him run with it. No reason to get worried when it's not even a problem.

  • 5. I didn't like The Miz's mic skills as a face last night. It rubbed me the wrong way. Hopefully they continue his face turn though, no reason to stop it at the very beginning,

    • dektcmpunx

      me neither and at a couple of points he even started reminding me of john cena

  • HugeRockStar

    That ‘your mama’ joke from Miz was terrible. I wasn’t into him last night. He’s kind of annoying.

  • thebops

    I think the Miz is failing because he is being too babyface. He is nowhere near as cocky and his ‘silly mocking voice’ doesn’t really work. I prefer him as load and confident. An arrogant face similar to how Punk played the role.

  • Seth

    From what I'm aware of, Miz has never been a babyface and it's going to take considerable time for him to adjust both on the microphone and in the ring. Even if you don't adjust your character, you have to tweak it slightly, and tweak your in ring style as well.

    I just think the biggest…issue with Punk is honestly the fact that the majority of his reign…he wasn't in the Main Event. That's a major perception issue to be honest and it really does a fair amount of damage to what he really could mean as a draw and as a talent. You can't hope to turn that around overnight. You can only hope to turn that around slowly.

  • Don

    I think that is a lie. Punk is not the same. He came in as a rookie in 2006 and led the Straight Edge Society. His heel runs and face runs are different. People just don't "like" him now because of his "respect" run and the way his latest long run has been. I am a huge fan of Punk (because I'm from Chicago) but I don't like the lastest run he has had as a heel. I'm glad he has held and surpassed Cena, but he is becoming boring. I think they need to add new characters to help set Punk's character. That was great to add Ryback, but then they threw in Cena and it made it boring again. However, that is exactly what his character is. I think he is getting to people majorly in a way they dislike his "attitude". With Cena, they just hated his stale, childish gimmick.

  • _JIM_

    I’m thinking that it’s just going to take a little bit for Miz’s face turn to take hold with fans. He’s been such a great and believable heel for so long that fans aren’t just going to start cheering for him over night. Most fans don’t read the internet news sites so they aren’t exactly in the know when it comes to persona changes and who WWE wants them to cheer and boo from week to week. If they give him some time I guarantee he will get over as a baby face, but like I said, he’s been so believable as a jerk for so long that it’s going to take some work on his part to get the fans on his side. He’s going to have to do some run in saves for some other faces I think to give fans the hint that they should be cheering for him. Because with his attitude staying the same he’s hard to read. The like detector segment from RAW is proof positive of that.

  • partyjereme

    Raw is Ring Of Honor, I guess that explains the low ratings. All joking aside how was what happened to Orton considered a burial, he won his match in less than 3 minutes, it took 3 guys to beat him down, and when they hit their 3 man Powerbomb it took Orton about a minute to recover from it.

    • Shadow

      Orton is getting buried in a sense because he's been put into matches that are really nothing more then go no where time fillers and beat downs. Sure he's beaten ADR but with ADR not really giving a [email protected] about anything, it doesn't really help Orton in any good way.

    • Jonno

      Orton doesnt sell others moves, gets very upset when his arnt sold, but it must of hurt him facing Brad Maddox in a squash shoved in the middle of the card, yes he was beat down but they could have done this when he faced a strong more appropriate opponent, they are burying him.