Backstage News From WWE SummerSlam

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- The go-home sequence of John Cena hitting the Attitude Adjustment on Big Show only for CM Punk to throw Cena out of the ring and steal the pin was included on a script that I received information from late Sunday afternoon. The weird match restart that preceded it was not.

- The total time in all of the scripts I was told about called for the pay-per-view to be just under two and half hours. The feeling was filler would be added, however, it was also ultimately decided against.

- There was considerable talk within WWE about Dolph Ziggler "cashing in" his Money in the Bank briefcase on Sheamus after he beat Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam. Obviously WWE decided against doing it and I haven't heard the reason why. I will have my reaction to Ziggler going under to Chris Jericho later on Richard's Backstage Blog.

  • Terra Ryzing

    I think they should have had Ziggler cash in if he went under Jericho.

  • ryder

    Summerslam overall the ppv was not worth watching. WWE wonders why they dont get high ppv buyrates is beacuse of the terrible build/card and the price

  • Kleck

    Although cashing in the MITB would have been cool, I’m not really riled on Jericho winning. Jericho was just playing the cool face who gave the arrogant heel his come-uppins. Clearly without Chris; Jericho’s spot on the roster is Zigglers.

  • Richard Gray

    My policy is to shy away from reporting information regarding match outcomes and storylines. I did report on the US title change last Tuesday but that's a rare situation and was because I knew the thinking surrounding Claudio. At the rate things change, "talked about" stuff from creative isn't worth posting.

    • Philip Thompson

      Especially given that Vince would be willing to change a whole storyline just to make you look like you didn't know what you're talking about – not that he's as bad as Eric Bischoff for that – but I'm really not liking the whole "let's do the unpredictable" because that often translates to "let's do the illogical" and that makes for poor short, middle and long term storylines and can serious implications for the careers of those who deserve to advance.

    • James

      Id like to see you posting more outcomes and storylines. Perhaps you could come up with creative ways to reveal it without being obvious

      • Richard Gray

        … I'm not anyone… Take a look around 😉

        • Ranfery25

          shut up you ignoramus… Your Welcome

  • TheAwesome1

    Summerslam was so forgettable. I seriously had to re-read the live results to remind myself of what happened. Very weak PPV. The WWE Universe needs a refund!