Backstage News On A Recent Spat Between Eric Bischoff & Jeremy Borash Over A Funny Story At A Bar & An Arrogant Comment By Bischoff That Left The Locker Room In A Frenzy & JB Feeling A Bit Embarrassed

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One of the more talked about stories in TNA last week was Eric Bischoff's comments on Jeremy Borash. For those that missed it, Bischoff took to Facebook and called Borash a "low rent bit player who should be fortunate he has a job" after he claimed a bartender in Nashville told him that JB had said he was an "owner" in TNA. You can read the full comment at this link.

I'm told Borash has a bit of a reputation in some circles for trying to use his position in TNA for personal gain (free drinks, meals and other random perks). For those who are already not fond of him, like Bischoff, it's a bit of a recurring joke.

Bischoff has been insistent when asked that the story he posted was true and he was just having a bit of fun exposing Borash's propensity to overstate his role when it's convenient to do so.

As for the backstage reaction, Bischoff faced heat from workers like Magnus, but has enough power to where he can call someone out like that and not face any repercussions.

My source reports Borash didn't make a stink about it because he figured the story was probably true and was a bit embarrassed by it.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I've been to a couple TNA house shows when thy came thru Colorado about 2 yrs ago and Borash was active and did a good job getting the fans into the show through out the event. what he does or does not do backstage doesn't bother me and I have no bad things to say about him.

  • Miles

    Who doesn’t want free alcohol and food!

  • kbunyon

    I have to agree with Patrick.

    The TNA house show I went to was led by Borash and the night would have stunk without him. His work on the mic in the ring brought the fans to a fever pitch. It's not hard to turn Maine wrestling fans wild, as we don't get much wrestling up here, but Borash brought that crowd to a whole new level of crazy and really impressed me.


  • dektcmpunx

    borash said something about it at the ppv