Backstage News On A Surprising Departure From TNA Wrestling

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We're told TNA Wrestling attempted to re-sign SoCal Val but they were unable to come to terms. Like many names before her, TNA wanted Val to take a pay cut. She wasn't making that much to begin with and ended up declining the reduced rate.

One source with knowledge of the situation said that WWE had some interest in her a few years ago but it's unknown if that interest is still there. Val was very well liked in TNA so there were some people surprised to see her go. She's always been good at finding gigs outside of wrestling so she felt she was in a position where she could leave.

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  • Patrick

    if WWE is still interested in her then going to WWE would be good for her..if that is what she wants to do other wise doing something else and just taking indy bookings/meet and greet is better for her.

  • LeftyTosser

    Not real sure why this is BIG news. She announced performers as they came to the ring. Big deal. That’s a position that should be able to be filled locally by volunteers. It will make no difference to the fan experience at all.