Backstage News On Daniel Bryan Dropping The World Heavyweight Championship To Sheamus

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Believe it or not, WWE actually wanted Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan at tonight's Wrestlemania XXVIII pay-per-view to beat the time for Chavo Guerrero vs. Kane for the ECW Championship at Wrestlemania XXIV in 2008. They didn't come close as Kane squashed Chavo for the belt in 8 seconds while Sheamus' victory took 18 seconds.

So far, I haven't heard anything about Bryan being injured or any kind of trouble and the outcome of tonight's match was what they wanted to do from a creative perspective. The crowd turned on the outcome and loud "Daniel Bryan" chants were audible at the beginning of almost every match prior to the stellar Hell in a Cell bout.

  • Whammaster

    Do you blame the fans? seriously, i was so pissed off when i saw that ….

  • jdl

    This is absolutely ridiculous. They have one of the most talented wrestlers alive on their roster and they treat him like this? He's been getting over, he's been working great matches, and this is how the WWE rewards him? Forget this company, Bryan should be incredibly insulted and Sheamus should be ashamed to have participated in this match in the manner he did.

    • Nick

      Sheamus ashamed? What do you expect him to do? "Nope, I'm not going to win like that" Next minute he's future endeavoured. Don't blame the talent, blame the creative team.

    • Nameless one

      I do agree that match could ad should have beenso much better than that and thats how they built it up to be. Is that any different than how they normally make it. Also If that’s how they told Sheamus to do it what choice did he have.

  • MVP

    Felt they could've cut some from the divas match, Kane/Orton, and the 12-man tag if they needed some extra time. It could've been a good match.

    • iamjohnnymcb

      or cut that stupid flo rida and that wannabe eminem concert and they couldve have a decent match

  • Matt

    The thing that upsets me most about that was it's the World Heavyweight Championship and WWE just made it a joke and that's nothing against Sheamus, I love the guy and hope he has a healthy run as champ. But on the biggest stage with the most prestigious title in WWE's arsenal, there must be something wrong.

  • Xaeius

    The crew I was with were disgusted with the outcome. The overall reaction was this was not only Daniel Bryan’s moment, but Sheamus’ moment to prove these are two rising stars that WWE needs to be backing. Instead of making a very strong and powerful match with two rising stars, they made Daniel Bryan look like a super weak champion and it hurt Sheamus for making him unable to show his skills on the “grandest stage of them all”.

    • Evon Reese

      What the hell did you expect? This night was all rocks ego

  • Craig

    I have an pretty good idea where they are going with this (blaming AJ) but i wanted to see Brian wrestle over Clay

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I read the report and what WWE did to both Daniel Bryand and Sheamus was uncalled for and unforgiveable. Both Guys should feel insulted. I don't care about WWE's Reason behind it it was not needed. they cheated both guys from putting on a good match and the fans who wanted to see them. I don't blame fans for being upset and angry over it.

    I normally just ignore WWE 's stupid logic…but this is it I've had it with WWE. Glad I did not order this event and chosie to watch Dragongate USA instead.

    • Matt Scott

      Just out of curiosity how can a WWE FAN not order wrestlemania? I don't care how much they arsed it up, it's still the BIGGEST show of the year.

      • seakc87

        Having to pay 60 bucks for it is a good starting point

      • Patrick_Peralta

        Easy, they charge to much money for their PPV's, I haven't ordered any WWE PPV since Dec 2001. so missing Wrestlemania is no big deal I just read the reports. and any match I want to watch I can find online.

        • James M>>>

          Seak, Patrick, get your money up.

        • Ben

          Poor Patrick probably still lives with his momma…couldn't have her pay for it?

          • Patrick_Peralta

            nope I haven't lived at home in over 27 yrs I've been on my own and had my own place since 1985.

          • H.M.

            He has his own choice as a fan. I'm pretty sure a good majority of internet fans watch their PPV's on streams anyway.

    • Logan_Walker

      Well Patrick I Know id be pissed Off if i was either of them but at least they got screen time on the ppv unlike last year they were the Dark match… i would not put up with this if was them… i dont even buy the ppvs becuase i live in the UK i have to be at 1 or for wm 12 at night and this just takes the piss

  • A surprising start to a Wrestlemania that was full of the unexpected, so that I guess was kind of nice. A total shame this match was so short and there was still a ton of time for all that lame Brodus Clay / Flo Rida / Deadliest Catch / Machine Gun Kelly crap.

  • Brandon

    To quote Randy Orton; "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!"

  • Kleck

    For Sheamus he must have thought, I went through the Royal Rumble PPV and was pushed to a title contention. For Dbry to lay down was very disappointing. I was thinking a rematch of sorts was in line later in the night. I don’t know the business as well as others but it seems DBry made some real heat in the last few days…

  • H.M.

    Still disgusted. That opening match brought down the grade of an otherwise stellar Wrestlemania way down for me. I can't believe they'd spit on the entire Smackdown roster like that.

  • Aldin94

    My jaw dropped then i got so pissed!

  • John Turnbull

    To hell with those excuses. It's the freaking WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP we're talking about. Not the now-pointless Divas Title. The opening was unforgivable. Full of sh*t. Now people can start to think whether they should love or hate Super Sheamus. Winning Royal Rumble actually means nothing since 2008. Last night really proves that.

    • Scottyo614

      Didn't Edge and Del Rio start the show last year for that same World Heavyweight Championship?

    • H.M.

      I'd say that the last legitimate win was 2 years ago when Edge won the Royal Rumble. Del Rio is an afterthought and Sheamus' chase for the title this year after winning the Rumble was extremely underwhelming. WWE could have built these two extremely well for their match at Wrestlemania but they gave everyone the finger instead.

  • Mohammad Abulawi

    this was the worst match i have ever seen worser than sheamus vs zack ryder wwe title match

  • kim

    It’s more than just a little bit annoying that almost every wwe fan has to complain about SOMETHING! They gave us a great show tonight! It’s really frustrating that you all expect every single match to go exactly as you wanted it to. Sure, both guys deserved to put on a decent match, but what you don’t seem to understand is that a show like Wresrlemania needs to be choreographed to find a balance. They can’t exactly give every match a half hour length! Even if they could, it’d be dull enough to zone out on. This shook the whole show up, and showed that things could change in a heartbeat. It was to make us expect the unexpected. So from a creative stand point, it was very affective. But unfortunately you’re all blinded by things not going your way and all you can do is kick up a huff about one match among the several other phenomenal matches they worked damn hard to put on. There were some matches I wasn’t happy about the results with, but I’m not about to be ungrateful for this years Wrestlemania because despite all of that – it was still one of the greats! Mind you, there could have been more time for another decent match if they’d cut out all the BS. Never-the-less it was a great show. So instead of sitting at your computers complaining about somewhat minor technicalities, appreciate what we’ve seen today!

    • Ben

      Yeah, fools. Actually get the ppv and watch it! You too, Patrick! Don't forget to ask mamma!

    • Whammaster

      It was a 4hr show, a ppv that is the ending point of the wrestling year. You attempt to add logic to a failed match. Can you guess how long the fillers for WM was? No because you are a wwe mark, that believes everything happened for a reason. The jobbed out D-bryan in an attempt to break the shortest WM match in history. Their is no logic behind the booking, it was to break a record because the creative staff felt the need to make a match do that this year.

      Your telling me that Bryan/Sheamus couldnt last 20min because it would of spent the crowd? MY ASS, thats what a cooler match is for, and this card had 2 of those. 1 being the divas, and the 2nd was the 12 man Tag. Each gave the crowd about 30min of cooldown to hype up for the next matches. THATS LOGIC.

      WE as fans are not ungrateful to the ppv, WE as paying customers deserve a right to complain about something WE did not like to happen. THE CHANTS were pretty obvious that the FANS hated the outcome because LOGICALLY it did NOTHING for each wrestler. It made Bryan look weak, and it made Sheamus look stupid.

    • Robert

      How do not complain about the best wrestler in wwe getting beat in 18 seconds there is no reason for that , 2010 was a whole year to complain. to have such a great year end in this is horrible

  • torben

    I can’t believe they would spit on the entire WWE Universe likeep that.

  • thatguy

    I just got home from wrestlemania. Bryan was ULTRA over there. there was YES chants for HOURS nonstop leading into the event. then before the show went on air the YES chants got louder. Then as you all saw when the match started the entire stadium was chanting YES. This was a horrible way to go about. its a horrible way to lose a title and a horrible way to win a title.

    And of course on the way out nonstop YES chants as well.


  • Ant

    Pretty much the only reason for pulling this crap would be if he was injured and could not compete. This really shows how serious WWE takes their titles. They might as well have pulled a Hogan pokes Nash title change. The most talented wrestler on the card did not get to do even one move.

  • Joey

    Alot of Daniel Bryan fans!! I was surprised actually!! Everybody chanting YES YES YES YES!!

  • Brian

    I was at the event. The fans were not pissed just because of that. For some reason DB had a TON of fans & signs for him. They were chanting his name just as much even before the PPV started. It was very weird…like I missed the memo of DB turning face.

    • Ricky Ro

      It's because real wrestling fans recognize both:

      a – he's the best worker in the company
      b – he's become incredibly entertaining in his heel run, particularly with the sort of Macho Man/Miss Elizabeth thing they're doing with him and AJ.

  • Justin

    I didnt hear those chants. Im so glad WWE made the match so quick.

    • brad

      I agree with you. sheamus deserves the belt more than bryan does anyway so im glad it only lasted 18 seconds

      • Kiko

        You’s two are not wrestling fans!

  • Stan

    I was absolutely disgusted with that match! Two great wrestlers who have been workIng hard all year long come in to their first wm and can’t even show off their skills. The freakin Divas match had more time, that’s why bother the fook outta me!

  • chris

    The "yes" chants, were going on all weekend during RoH, before the show, after the show, and everywhere else.

  • Wwe4L76

    So stupid

  • Ryan

    As much as I was looking forward to a stellar Daniel Bryan match, I didn't expect one with Sheamus. The finish furthers the story-line, furthers everyone's character, makes people talk about how Dbry was robbed and sets up a rematch . Kinda brilliant.

    • thefen

      Got to agree with you Ryan. It's WWE's job to get us talking, feeling happy AND irate. We might not like it but we'll be tuned in to see how the"E" treats D.B as the story line develops. Sit back, relax, enjoy.

    • Whammaster

      You dont put squash matches, on what is considered the finale to any feud. For the past 5 years the "biggest ppv in wwe" has become simply a ppv that enhances storyline?

      NO, just NO

  • Jay Riverz

    C’mon WWE! You take 2 of your REAL best wrestlers in the World (AFTER you looked over them LAST YEAR and put them in a dark match!) and dont let them create a Classic?! THAT match was ONE year in the making! Talk about Droppin the Ball!! SMH!!!

  • JamieSNZ

    Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic the way these guys got treated. From having their match get bumped off the card last year to this.

  • It is absolutely unforgivable as to what WWE have done here with this talent (Sheamus/ Bryan). They could have taken time off any other match for this. Its the World Heavyweight championship – guys like Undertaker, Edge, HHH, Goldberg, Batista have held it; its not a joke. Its completely unpardonable. Whatever the backstage politics, it should not come out in a match of this level and a show of this magnitude like this. Its a championship match and we expect no less than what we have seen in the recent past (other championship matches in past Manias) in such a match.

  • Mylo

    If you ask me, they refuse to take Daniel Bryan seriously. Orton rarely sold the moves he took from Bryan a few weeks ago, and they never gave him a victory without controversy. Maybe they were afraid of him making Sheamus look technically incompetent. This was a stupid decision on their part, Why didn't they just axe the joke of a divas match and the Clay segment?

    I hate how Sheamus rarely sells any moves.

  • Philip Thompson

    This match together with the way the Divas match was booked was pathetic – I think that they've made the title look weak and also one of their top stars, there was no need to bury him and also rob Sheamus of the opportunity to show what he could do. The divas match was ridiculous – an injured tv host/non wrestler and a model who's been shown how to do a few gymnastics to look like she can wrestle going over against Beth and Eve was ridiculous. Of course Maria and Kelly were going to win but they didn't have to go over clean – they could have had Kharma come out and cost Beth the match – even if she's not ready to return full time yet it could have set up a future programme and given the WWE audience a treat.

  • Alex P

    It not only made Bryan look extremely weak and Sheamus look a weak himself….but it also devalues the WHC and I think it even devalues the Royal Rumble a bit. I mean the rumble winner used to go to the main event at mania, and now the rumble winner gets an 18 second title match. If anything this match should've been the Show/Rhodes match (not that an 18 title match should be at any ppv) but they could've played it off like giving Cody an embarassing mania moment

    • Chopper

      Well said feel exactly the same.

  • Frenchfry

    -1 me all you want, but you people need to stop being so whiney

  • JeonjuMike

    Watched it in a theatre with a couple hundred people – the chatter beforehand was that this was the match that no one wanted to see, no real build-up. I saw that the match was scheduled to be first and the general reaction was, "good, at least we'll get that one out of the way". The place went nuts when it happened – definitely positive responses, a lot of laughter and high fives. Ultimate diss from Vince – bye bye D-Bry. Loved it!

  • Zach

    At least Orton got what he wanted. Remember, he was claiming his match with Kane would be better than the WHT match.

    • n1ck

      LOL Trolling mark

  • Zach folsom

    Sooo…the 100+ year prestige of the Worlds Heavyweight Wrestling championship has become a filler.Ric flair vs.Ricky steamboat in the 80's.Hogan-Luger in the 90s.Triple H-a loaded roster of main eventers in the 2000s.This decade…18 second flop on the biggest stage in recent memory for any sporting venue.I am sorely tempted to jump on the TNA band wagon.At lest anderson makes me chuckle.

  • Madscotslass

    Are you kidding with all this complaining? It was a great opening to WM28! I had literally sat back with a pizza and was settling down ready to enjoy a good match between the two and then BAM….brogue kick….1,2,3! Totally unexpected and out of the blue! Brilliant! And what a way to be remembered! Whether the reaction to the match is positive or negative people are talking about it despite being followed by such awesome matches such as Taker/HHH and Punk/Jericho! They made their (obviously controversial) mark at WM28 rather than just have a good match then be eclipsed by the others!

  • Mike

    Okay, I love how fans are making excuses for the WWE, knowing damn well if anyone pulled some shit like this they would kill them for the exact same things. Mindless sheep, you people…

  • Tct24

    That “match” was horrible I was there. Everyone was shocked. That is the WHC not a paper weight belt. Guess they only pay attention to there Raw titles/superstars

  • Brian

    Everyone complains about this “match”…I think it was great! What do we always see at Wrestlemania? The two wrestlers go back & forth, they become super human where the opponents finishing move doesn’t put them away, we see both stars finish move(s), then one wins…same story line for the past years in ALL Wrestlemania matches…this was different, out of the box and shows now ANYTHING can happen…people are just mad because of who it happened to. In all honestly, he became a world champion before his time and before people thought he would…he held it for longer then people held it…he will get it back again one day…that said. It was a GREAT way to start off the show. Think outside the box people. It was a “Wrestlemania Moment!!”

    • chandan

      I am Indian and my english is bad.

      i should be angle and say u sucks….u want out of box so try divas or tag team or even big show and cody….damn d bryan is second best(as rich says) and third best (as I says) in terms of pro wrestling…and his oppent is not bad also….so out of box….U suck….


    • Blazeking

      That's not why people were mad. Sheamus vs DB got bumped off the card last year so it wasn't anybody's wrestlemania moment. Then a year later the moment is a couple of seconds. Then to add to it, it was the *opening* match…. not cool at all when you paid for it. I never liked squash-matches at Wrestlemania as I feel they devalue the price of the PPV.

      "What do we always see at Wrestlemania? The two wrestlers go back & forth, they become super human where the opponents finishing move doesn't put them away, we see both stars finish move(s), then one wins"

      And matches like that go down in Wrestlemania history (HHH vs Taker III).

  • chandan

    I am Indian. My english is bad.

    I love him (d bryan) too much ever since he past chirst as best technical wrestler of year. I dont like sheamus (even I support face and he is face)…i cant do anything…I am feeling like lonely sick dog with 12 hungry wolves…but before dying Yes. Yes. Yes.

  • WyFo

    Maybe they could have beat the record if Bryan and AJ didn’t smooch.

  • Kevin

    I'll admit that I didn't buy the PPV. I wanted to, but I just couldn't put out $60+ to get it. Daniel losing to Sheamus isn't surprising; the 18 seconds is. That is quite a disappointment for the fans. I certainly hope that there's a legitimate reason (like injury or sickness) for the match being so short. Just doing it to try to set a record is ridiculous. Especially since they didn't even set the record. At least the rest of the show seems to have been great. At least that's what I'm reading.