Backstage News On Decision To Crown Sheamus WWE World Heavyweight Champion

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For those that missed Survivor Series, Sheamus “cashed in” on Roman Reigns to leave the event WWE World Heavyweight Champion. This scenario is actually of no surprise and was covered two weeks ago here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium.

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In that report, we noted that Vince McMahon wasn’t sold on scenarios pitched by Triple H that had either Reigns or Dean Ambrose going heel. Vince has been extremely reluctant to turn Reigns heel and preferred Sheamus “cashing in” to become the new face of The Authority.

So the final outcome of Survivor Series with Sheamus winning the title and becoming the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion was a Vince McMahon move.

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  • BIG M

    HHH Needs to take over Creative.

  • Vomkrieg

    Makes you wonder why they ever gave Sheamus the briefcase. He’s been nowhere this year, and the best response he gets is “you look stupid”.

    X-Pac heat club, you have a new member!

  • Patrick

    I agree HHH should be in charge of Creative and have final say LIKE RIGHT NOW!

    now WWE has a Champion who since his return from injury hasn’ t done much aside from winning money in the bank.. and I was a Sheamus fan before he got hurt. since his return he’s been boring.

    • Simon Veitch

      Unfortunately, you can’t really pin that on Sheamus. It was Vince that decided to feud him with Orton for months on end until even the announcers sounded apathetic in calling their matches. Unfortunately it’s also on Vince to actually push and protect performers who are in line for a run up the top. Instead Vince did what he does to EVERY mid carder to win Money In The Bank. Have them basically job out every week until they cash in and then see if shit floats or sinks. The only real exception is Seth and that’s really only because they aligned him with the Authority and made him mean something before he won the MITB.

  • ClintMurphy

    The new face of the authority is a bland guy that yells fella

  • Rock Lancaster

    That headline explains everything about why professional wrestling is a living corpse. There shouldn’t be public discussion of “the decision” to make anybody a champion. Ever since that steroids case lifted the veil of mystery, it’s taken a slow progressing road down the sh*tter. There’s no way to recover from it, they’re just selling retreads.

  • The only reason I was against a cash in is that it seemed too obvious. With a heel turn, they could have generated a huge reaction from the crowd and universe, or even let it play out into tonight’s Raw. The scenario I have in mind is they could have had Reigns win the belt. Open Raw up tonight with Ambrose in the ring throwing a huge celebration complete with confetti and other Superstars. But to make it not so obvious, they book Reigns in a match later that night against the “new” face of The Authority, Sheamus. During that match, Ambrose is ringside. Reigns wins the match, then Ambrose gets in to celebrate with him. While celebrating, Ambrose turns against him and Triple H comes out and says, “Oh, you thought Sheamus was the new face? Meet Ambrose, the true face of The Authority!”

  • 1molly23

    Well, I guess that’s one way to make Sheamus relevant again.

  • DM

    I still think that a roman heel turn it’s needed, he could be a monster heel. Just saying

    • Wonderkarp

      Agreed. the best Faces are born from steller heel runs. Edge, Orton, Cena, Rock, Austin, Jericho, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, etc etc. A Reigns Heel Run at the top would transform him into something great

    • ReignsIsTrash

      Well, when you consider that last night he beat up on a smaller guy and crushed his opportunity, he kind of came across as a heel. He represents the privileged and the entitled as well. He also looked cocky and arrogant during his matches last night. He’s already a heel in my eyes. WWE is just too stupid to book him as one.