Backstage News On How John Cena Is Dealing With His Divorce, What Doing WWE Is Doing To Help Him From Breaking Down Mentally & Physically, Nagging Injuries, Will He Be Taking Time Off?

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John Cena continues to delay time off from the road as WWE is trying to book him in situations that won't be physically taxing. This is the reason for his program with John Laurinaitis.

With Cena's divorce and other issues, he doesn't want to come off the road to give his body some rest to heal up because work is how is choosing to deal with the problems in his personal life. WWE has a long history of top guys getting burned out or breaking down mentally and the company is doing everything they can to keep Cena in a good frame of mind and make sure he's given a bit of a break physically, even while he refuses to actually take a break.

I'm told even by toning things down, as bad as Cena's hip is, he could still be making things worse. However, Cena is obviously well-liked by the office with considerable influence, so when he said he wanted to stick around as long as possible while he dealt with his divorce, no one wanted to tell him no.


    You can't deny that John Cena the person is a true class act. I know from experience that when things are bad in your personal life keeping busy really helps. Hope things turn out fair for not only John but his wife as well. Divorces are not fun at all.

  • J-Dub

    WWE is trying to book him in situations that won’t be physically taxing. Hmm Steel Cage Match with Big Show. I think this is very taxing.

  • robert

    john cena won't loose any popularity if he takes time away it always usually makes people miss you and have a dramatic comeback. i personally don't care for him but yet don't boo him when he comes out.