Backstage News On John Morrison's Status With WWE - Is He Still Leaving?; What Last Week's TV Win Meant, Rumors Of Heading To TNA Impact Wrestling

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I'm told Vince McMahon made the decision for John Morrison to beat WWE United States Champion Dolph Ziggler clean in a non-title match on last week's Raw Supershow.

While I speculated something might have changed regarding Morrison's contract status with WWE, I am now being assured that isn't the case. Morrison's WWE contract is still coming up and he's believed to be leaving the company and eventually going to TNA Impact Wrestling.

Sources close to WWE creative tell me that McMahon has a pattern of wanting to shock everyone by having a guy win that everyone assumes can't win because they're leaving. A situation several years back involving Rob Van Dam was mentioned in comparison.

The original plan had Morrison losing on Raw Supershow but was re-written with the outcome shown the day of the taping.