Backstage News On Sheamus Winning The 30-Man Royal Rumble Match

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Sheamus' stock in WWE is once again at an all-time high. While receiving a monster push out of the gate in 2009, Sheamus found himself teetering in mediocrity mid-way through 2011 as a Supplemental Draft pick, moving him from Raw to Smackdown.

Following his move to Smackdown, WWE began an initiative to re-build Sheamus as one of the top babyfaces on the brand. Working in the main event since June with the support of Triple H, Sheamus has continued to impress WWE officials both in and out the ring. Not only has the company been very pleased with the way his babyface turn has gone over, many are very high up on his media appearances outside of the ring. One of the high marks has to do with his "old school" mentality of remaining in-character when dealing with the media.

Chris Jericho was the favorite to win the 30-man Royal Rumble match and considered to be the "obvious" pick, especially given the fact WWE wants to do Jericho vs. CM Punk in the "best in the world" feud for Wrestlemania XXVIII. Sheamus was ultimately decided on as the winner of the Rumble match to continue to build him back up with the feeling they can still program Jericho with Punk.  As WWE creative often does, they changed on Jericho going over to keep from being "too predictable."

One note of interest that I mentioned in Richard Reacts to WWE Royal Rumble, is that if Daniel Bryan makes it to Wrestlemania XXVIII as World Heavyweight Champion, the match that was bumped to dark at last year's Wrestlemania, would be one of this year's main events. Sheamus and Daniel Bryan wrestled to a no-contest dark Lumberjack match prior to Wrestlemania XXVII last year.

  • n8ive_savage1

    Shouldn’t have that match at mania, yeah probably be a good one but have it at EC and have #1 contender chamber with Wade Barrett winning shot at sheamus at mania. Thoughts?

    • bcfuy

      butthen that would mean EC overshadows the rumble.they kno they have a second chance at chamber, but the rumble should be the LAST chance, not the second to last chance.

  • kurt

    I understand why they did what they did, but still, to have such an undercard roster in the Rumble, you would think they would have focused on that, say like, having video's of Kofi and others be played during Raw and SmackDown, like they did Cena at the Rumble, talking about their careers up to that point, and what winning Rumble, and getting the title shot at 'Mania would mean to them, since it was mentioned that anyone could join. At least then, people would have been expecting such a high ratio of the undercard on the show, and would have made people wonder if they were going to give one of those guys a chance to finally break out, then swerve everyone with the Sheamus win. They did zero to hype the Rumble the way they did structure it, and it made some fans like myself wonder if a part of the creative team just builds to a show, then other part of the team puts the show together based upon the first teams build up. If that theory is correct, then the second team is no where near as talented as the first, as the build was so much better than the show. WE seemed to be building towards a quality shock value for the Rumble, plenty of drama, possible big swerves, and as Jericho put it, "The end of the world as we know it". Didnt know they were planning to use a sparkler to blow the world up. It fizzled. I was excited for the first time in a long time, as WWE has been quite stale for a while, seemed to be getting edgy, and really seemed to be making something major happen with the Royal Rumble. I was wrong. OI am still looking forward to Raw tonight, but they almost seemed to be planning a big evolution in the storylines with Raw also, and if they do, It will mean they did more with the free show than for the Pay per View, which wont sit pretty with people who shelled out $$$ for a somewhat flat event. They dont think they a;lways get a fair shake with fans, but sometimes they bring it on themselves by making the tv shows better than the PPV. They cause the "Damn if we do, Damn if we dont" to happen at times, and can only blame themselves. The show could have been much more dramatic, as it is the last major PPV before 'Mania, and could have really bled that momentum into 'Mania. Its almost like creative is too afraid, or isnt as creative as they should be, either way, they could have delivered better, its almost like they wanted the PPV to disappoint. So much potential, genious work with Jericho, and nothing happened. As long as something major happened, to really turn the page, and we didnt even get so much as a cliffhanger. Wake up WWE, you are losing fans over this booking style you got going on. Hype up the fans into a frenzy, then deliver very little of what was promised. I know you already knew you were getting a good buy rate, so deliver it already. Better do something good on Raw to keep a few fans around, c'mon Vince

  • David

    They'll probably throw Randy Orton and maybe Wade Barrett into the match and make it a triple threat/ fatal four way match.

  • Confused.

    Jericho vs Punk at WM is obvious, so why would he have won yesterday? I mean, winner gets a title shot right? And I thought Cena vs Rock was already a set match for the WWE title?
    So isn't sheamus already set to go for Bryan's title? I can't see the Rock sharing the spotlight even more with Cena AND Sheamus.
    Speaking of the wwe title, how are they planning on getting it off of Punk ?

    • Jeremy

      Cena vs Rock won’t be for the title

    • FeR

      Booking Cena vs. The Rock for the WWE Championship would be a waste for the event, the match is already too big so it doesn't need a belt to make it interesting. With that said, Punk vs. Jericho is a match everybody is waiting for. Just having DB vs Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship, Punk vs. Jericho for the WWE Championship and Cena vs. The Rock, the card event is really great.

    • Chris

      Why do they need to take it off Punk? Rock/Cena has never been for the title…

    • Alex P

      No it was never a set plan to have Cena/Rock for the WWE title. Cena just kept saying in those beginning promos that he would win it and the match would be, but they didn't book themselves into any storyline with that. Besides unless Rocky is coming back full time, there's no purpose for him to even win the match, let alone the WWE title (unless they plan on doing a Cena heel turn, but I won't hold my breath there).

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I'm glad Sheamus won the Royal Rumble and I would love to see a Daniel bryan vs Sheamus World title match at Wrestlemania….since we didn't get to see them at last years Wrestlemania.

    • GODSENT83

      So you can say how wwe screwed it up and whatnot like you usually do?lol

  • food for thought

    Why would they need to get the title off punk? reward him for working so hard this year, i see no problems with rock vs cena, punk vs jericho for the title, sheamus vs WHC, and they can bill it as 3 main events, or 4 with taker vs ???. rock and cena doesnt have to be for the title to make it mean something, just the two of them is enough to sell

  • Jackson

    If Sheamus vs D-Bry happens at WM for the World heavyweight title that would be poetic justice! My two favorite Smackdown superstars! I will be happy with either one as the victor.

  • Synyster

    What happened to the Punk VS Stone Cold idea that was floating around I’d rather add that to the list with Rock/Cena and Undertaker defending the streak one last time

  • MonsterMike42

    I think it could be Sheamus vs Bryan at Mania, have Sheamus win, then go on to feud with Barrett.

  • Ryan.

    If CM Punk Vs. Stone Cold were to happen it would have to be next Wrestlmania. Stone Cold vs. Punk match hasent gotten time to build into something like that. Stome Cold said it has to be rite place, & rite time. So if he comes back it would be next year so it has time to build up. He would want to face Punk If everything worked out we could see it. I really hope so for next year because that would be an amazing match.

  • L

    Cena vs the rock WAS supposed to be for the wwe championship. I still have it dvr’d. It was announced right after fast 5 was released. Wwe has since seemed to drop that angle maybe something to do with the fact Cena already has the most wwe championship reigns in history.

    • Joe

      No it’s the fact that wwe thinks we’re stupid and forget things but in reality they don’t need the wwe championship for that match