Backstage News On The Contract Negotiations Of A Top TNA Star; How They Aren't Going Well & What Has Made Its Way Back To The WWE Office, Allegations Of Faking Injury, Details On Who The Worker Is & How Much Money Per Year They Are Seeking

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I'm told there are some people in TNA Wrestling that are very skeptical of Kurt Angle's hamstring injury. Some in the office believe he's playing mind games now because he's upset about how negotiations have been going regarding his new TNA contract.

Not only that, my source says the story has made its way back to the WWE office which further confirmed their suspicions that Angle "can't be trusted." I'm told Angle has no plans to retire any time soon and would like at least a "few" more big money years but it doesn't look like anyone is going to give him the $500,000 per year he is seeking.

  • $500,000? That's too much for a guy like Kurt Angle to be honest. I understand during his glory days, but definitely not now.

  • Kleck

    Welling he doesn’t budge, he’ll be out of a job. Simple as that

  • jharlow074

    He can join Flair in JCW.

  • skeeber04


  • _JIM_

    Kurt is still able to go out and steal the show away from the younger guys and have the match of the night any night that he wants to. He's earned that kind of pay and TNA should pay up even if it's out of respect for Kurt almost single handedly putting their company on the map and making it ok for big names to work there. TNA just wouldn't be the same without Angle.