Backstage News On The Future Of WWE Developmental; Who Made The Call To Nix The TV Deal, Details On A Top WWE Name Triple H Is Nudging Out, Which WWE Exec Is Being Blamed For FCW Failures, Content WWE Considers Crucial For The WWE Network To Be Able To Launch, More Exclusive News

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There continues to be a lot of news regarding WWE developmental. I'm told Triple H has been going back and forth on whether to completely pull all support of Florida Championship Wrestling or to include it in some way in a revamped developmental system.

A lot of what's going has to do with the slow process of nudging John Laurinaitis out of his spot as Head of Talent Relations. For those unfamiliar, I'm told the relationship between Hunter and Laurinaitis is "rocky" at best. As for Laurinaitis' future, he could end up a sole on-screen talent or perhaps moved into a new role as an agent. Regardless, my source reports a lot of the failures of FCW have been blamed on Laurinaitis as he was the one that pushed for the company to setup shop in Tampa and played a large role in Steve Keirn being selected to run it.

As for WWE nixing their deal with the Brighthouse Network to carry FCW programming, there are a lot of concepts being thrown around right now for developmental TV. Triple H made the call to go ahead and cancel the show on Brighthouse and figure out what they want to do. I'm told Hunter hated the presentation and production of the show and considered it to be an embarrassment to the company and wanted it off the air quickly, even if new plans were not yet in place.

There has been a lot of talk of moving WWE developmental television to the WWE Network, feeling like the network could use as much new wrestling content as it can get, especially because the company feels the current product is what is going to get fans to call the most to request their provider carry the network. There isn't much feeling like the various reality shows or tapes of old promotions will be the type of thing that gets the fanbase to call their providers to complain, but that shows like WWE Superstars, WWE NXT, or other new wrestling programming is what there will be the most demand for.

Finally, WWE wast caught off guard by word leaking about FCW's status and is still scrambling to do some damage control while future plans for developmental are still worked out.

  • Fernando

    If it was up to me, I'd use NXT as the platform to acknowledge new talents to the WWE audience.

    • Nostaljack

      NXT has become a train wreck. The challenges were silly (especially since the winner was pre-determined) and the story lines inserted into it were equally bad. I'd love to see an actual developmental show on the network. Just please – no more NXT.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I'm all for bring back WWE Superstars, WWE NXT, and FCW to TV but are thy going to atleast post FCW on their web site as they do Superstars and NXT? at least do that untill Network is up an drunning or they get a new TV time slot.

    as for FCW I enjoyed the product and how it was run.

    get John Laurinaitis off TV is my main gripe guy is boring and I don't wish to see hom or listen to him. send him back to the office where he belongs if they want him out of Talent Relations the fine go for it.. just keep him off TV.

    • realitychecker

      He needs to go period. His policies have been week at best. How much farther do the ratings and bottom line have to sink under this man? Funny, how under the watch of Jim Ross, a man McMahon seems hell bent on making a fool of, they had their finest era ever. Record sales, record ratings, and probably the richest talent pool you could find. Wasn't all Jim Ross, mind you, but he had a big hand in it. Funny how everything started to slide when he lost the position and Johnny took over. This last episode he couldn't even welcome the Miz to the correct team right. "newest member of team teddy…errr team Johnny". Dude, it is named after you and you still can't get it right! He sounds like he is a 1st grader on stage in front of the class reading a book report for the first time. You can tell he is excellent at backdoor politics, he made McMahon like him. That's the only thing he has proven to be good at.

  • realitychecker

    I think Johnny Ace is as much a waste of time in his current roles as he was a wrestler in the states. Just a smarmy, sneaky back door politician who hasn't done anything of great consequence for the WWE. I feel WWE was much better with Jim Ross at the VPTR role. They need someone to man that position that worries more about talent and furthering the WWE than being obsessed with keeping his position. If he did a great job, his work would speak more about him than his politics. Figures a wanna be conservative like McMahon would like his character, the pinnacle in conservative backdoor politics that only serves you and not everyone, all done with a fake smile, and a 3 piece suit. JMO

  • Kerri

    I believe it was Richard who made this comment after WWE/Triple H made the statement about FCW shutting down: "Where there is smoke, there's Fire." Well said, and by the looks- very accurate.
    I, along with the others here, wish that this possible 'fire' leads to John Laurinaitis going away- from TV, Talent relations, from WWE in general. I'm not going to say what's already been stated about how bad of a job Johnny has done with handling new talent and FCW.
    I just wonder- Why or what made Laurinaitis push so hard for developmental to be in Tampa?
    I can get him wanting Steve Keirn to run it, (hook old buddies up). But as an exec, wouldn't he be living and working in Conn. @ WWE head quarters more?

  • Nails

    I would have to say it's a no brainer that FCW appear on WWE Network. They would probably benefit by putting NXT on the network as well.

  • gibbons08

    I’ve watched FCW on YouTube a couple of times and they put on a good show! I would watch it in there network same with Superstars, I would also bring back Saturday Nights Main Event 4 times a year! Maybe even have another of matches from house shows. There’s great potential for the WWE network to succeed, I just hope it doesn’t end up like the XFL!