Backstage News On The Miz Dropping CM Punk On His Head, Photos Of The Botched Suplex

For those that missed it over the weekend, we broke exclusively here at that CM Punk was knocked loopy after he was dropped on his head after a botched suplex by The Miz at Saturday night's WWE Raw live event in Springfield, Missouri (results here).

The spot was supposed to be a double stalling suplex. The Miz lost it towards the end and rather than falling back he came down in a piledriver style. Punk protected himself but we're told it could have been "really bad." Medical staff came out to check on him and he gave the OK to continue.

Once Punk got to the back he was said to be visibly angry and shaken up. We're told he didn't want to talk to anyone as a producer scolded The Miz. Punk hasn't really talked about the spot and went on to work Sunday night. Even if he was hurt, it's unlikely he would say anything as one observer reminded this is the same guy that fractured his skull early in his career and never said anything.

Below are two photos from the botched spot in Springfield:

The Miz losing it

The Miz lost it

  • Michael

    This isn’t Miz first time messing up a move. He almost hurt Truth when he was supposed to catch him during an outside dive. Hunter was very vocal with him over that spot I can only imagine how vocal both he and Vince will be over their 1b guy. Miz may never carry the wwe title again he better hope they don’t do to him what they did to Mr. Kennedy. I don’t really see Punk protecting himself in the photo, even if he were hurt Punk has to much coming IP rematch with Rock and wrestlemania. From the angle he was dropped I wouldn’t be surprised if Punk took time off after mania.

    • AndrewMcCutchen22

      You forget that R Truth missed his spot by at least 3 feet.

      • Ray

        I saw that botch live and I’m pretty sure Miz was in position and at the last second stepped out of position, leaving Truth with no one to take his fall.

        • AndrewMcCutchen22

          You must not have had a very good view because R Truth missed terribly

      • Jimmy

        R-Truth was going to land right on Miz, and Miz moved. What match were you watching?

  • Native American

    Hey Paul did you want me to be like “Awwww Poor Phil. I hope he’s ok.”

  • Who’s dumb idea was it to do a double stalling suplex? Miz is not a powerhouse!

    Maybe Miz botched the suplex because he got distracted from the chip falling off CM Punk’s shoulder…

    • Pluto

      It wouldn’t surprise me of Miz did that on purpose considering the fact that Punk hates Miz for no apparent reason.

    • Just saying

      Soooo .. I’m guessing your Miz’s #1 hand job guy ..

      • Dangerous Lee

        4 posts in a row in the same article defending the Miz….Ladies and gentlemen, we have a MIZ MARK.

      • Gary Robert

        Is this your “funny” reply that you keep using over and over again in the comments section? Really struggling to get a laugh, huh?

  • _JIM_

    OUCH!! That’s one a heck of a brain buster. Austin Aries is jealous. Punk’s lucy he was able to protect himself, at least a little bit, or that could’ve been a career ender. Which would’ve resulted in 2 careers being over. Because there’s no way Miz’s WWE career would survive if he ended the career of aruably the companies top performer with an injury caused by a botched suplex. That’s a “future endeavoring” for sure.

  • Miz is tough as well. Never heard anything from him bitching about getting tackled over the barricade which caused a concussion. Or the dangerous suplex preformed on him from Cena/Morrison off a cage. Or the stiff Trouble in Paradise he took from Kofi. Or getting a chair thrown at him last week from the Minneapolis Miscreant.

    • Jimmy

      Never heard any bitching from Punk either? He is still there competing isn’t he?

    • Hahahah Miz tough.He cant wrestler for shit,and this is not the first time he botched a move.

  • WWE can’t be dumb enough to fire Miz considering TNA is now going on the road with Impact.

    • NeronWillRise

      I think they could afford to lose him easily. The only thing the Miz could bring to TNA is his media connections which they could sorely use.

  • Botched suplex on Miz:

    Concussion for Miz:

    Stiff Kick to Miz:

    The Miz never bitched about any of this and neither should Punk.

    • BlazeKing

      Right on. I don’t want Punk to start acting like Orton used to.

  • Winnipeg

    How do u botch that? All u do is fall backwards.

  • StupidWrestlingFans

    should have knocked his ass unconscious

  • Jimmy

    The Miz hasn’t been involved in a good storyline for years.

  • Pluto

    Did anyone on here about Chris Hero losing a bunch of teeth in a NXT match aganist Xavier Woods? I guess that wasn’t important enough since it had nothing too do with CM Punk.

    • BlazeKing

      It was published on this site.

  • soulfool

    Is Miz soon to be FE’d ???