Backstage News On The Promo John Cena Cut After His Extreme Rules Win Against Brock Lesnar; Taking Time Off?

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For those wondering about the promo John Cena gave after beating Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules, as I reported here on Premium last week, Cena is currently dealing with hip problems.

The original plan was for Cena to take time off after Wrestlemania XXVIII but he agreed to stay on to work with Lesnar.

My source informed me that WWE might use the Lesnar match at Extreme Rules to write Cena off television to give him some time off as he's "really hurting right now." With that being said, I do not know if that's the direction they are going in but it certainly seemed that way after the Cena promo that closed the show.

  • hurrigame

    Cena with hip problems? This smells like a work. I mean, last time he "hurt" himself, he returned at the Royal Rumble as #30 and went on to main event WM.

    • ChromeyDaniels

      He was hurt at that time. He had to get surgery. Last time wasn’t work. I don’t think this one is either.

    • wnwdotcom2

      This isn't a work, Cena is banged up.

    • christopher525

      Not sure if you pay attention, but he has a scar on the front of his neck from that time. He had surgery and either came back very early, or he's got healing the level of Wolverine. Everyone was shocked because he had his surgery on a Tuesday morning, if I remember, and still showed up to hang out with the Smackdown crew that night at the taping.

      • Philip Thompson

        He is a hard worker who absolutely loves the business – and you're going to get hard work out of guys like him who live and breathe the business – just like with Edge and Eddie Guerrero. These guys just don't stop until they're forced to.

      • Chris

        The 'injury' Hurrigame thinks was a work, was when he tore his Pectoral muscle off the bone and returned 3 or 4 months earlier than expected. But I remember the interviews with J.R and Triple H, talking about when they turned around to find Cena walking down the hall backstage about 8 hours after his neck surgery which gave him his scar. The guy is an absolute machine!

  • christopher525

    Having him go over may work out well for a storyline. If he's going to be ready to return by SummerSlam, they could build during the summer leading to a rematch between Cena and Lesnar there, where Brock could get his revenge. IF they do the suspected WWE title match at Wrestlemania with Brock and The Rock, they could start a build the night after SummerSlam by Lesnar saying he deserves a title for taking out the top guy in WWE.

  • mannie123

    -he’s taking time of too film the marine 3!