Backstage News On Titus O'Neil's Commentary

Titus O'Neil was put on commentary during Ryback vs. Darren Young on last week's Smackdown because of his work on WWE Raw.

For those that missed it, O'Neil's work on commentary during Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio vs. Team Hell No was raved about with Paul Heyman even calling it a rare breakthrough moment.

O'Neil didn't receive equal praise for his work on Smackdown.

  • Leo Devlin

    That’s cuz they tried to recreate a moment, whenever anybody try to recreate anything it never works! It has to be a spur of the moment, that’s why it’s called a moment! Some of the best moments in wrestling happened out of nowhere! The original nWo formation, Goldberg, Austin’s and Bret’s symutanious turns. Stuff like that can’t be recreated!

  • Einar

    Titus O’Neil's commentary on Raw was great. With mic work and size like he has he can get far. And to think I i used to dislike The PTP..

  • Joe

    I thought it was pure garbage

  • aGirl

    I liked his commentary on Raw, seemed like he really had fun