Backstage News On TNA Impact Wrestling Releasing A Former WWE Star

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Brian Kendrick was released from TNA Impact Wrestling due to budget cuts in regards to talent established over the last year.

When Kendrick returned to TNA in 2010, the company was spending a lot of money to bring in former WWE guys preparing for what ended up being their failed "Monday Night War" attempt. I'm told Kendrick was making four times as much per match as some of the newer X Division guys that have been brought in over the last year.

The pay scale in TNA has gone way down, especially for the X Division and Kendrick wasn't willing to take a drastic pay cut the company was offering him. This is why he ended up parting ways with TNA.

  • Dustyn

    Hope to see him back in WWE

  • Spyder

    well thats a wise decision Kendrick, low pay beats no pay at all, enjoy bagging groceries and waiting on tables

    • wnwdotcom2

      I actually think Kendrick feels like he has better opportunities out there such as working for WWE on their proposed cruiserweight show. You have to understand once you sign a contract with someone like TNA or WWE it really limits what you can do outside of their organizations.

      • Patrick_Peralta

        That may be so but even what ever the low pay TNA offered has to be still higher then what he was getting on the indy scene like PWG or ROH. the only other place to make good money would be in Japan.

        • Guy Landau

          Patrick – you'd assume that, yes, but there have been numerous reported cases over the last two years of ROH talent not signing with TNA because overall on the indy scene they made more money. Being top talent in ROH pays nicely, and plus they aren't limited to working for one company, and so can make money elsewhere as well. I believe Roderick Strong declined a TNA offer for that very reason.

  • MPXTheChoice

    If Kendrick is truly off the hash and WWE is open to bringing him back, I'd love to see him be one of the vets and leaders on the cruiserweight show…his "Man with a Plan" gimmick was one of the most entertaining things he'd done….OR if they want to put him back on the main show and bring back Prophet Ezekiel, I'd be for that too.