Backstage News On TNA Scaling Back PPVs

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There were a number of talents discussing TNA cutting back the number of pay-per-views they run each year backstage at Sunday's Final Resolution pay-per-view. The gist was fewer shows gives them more opportunities to build programs and will make shows more meaningful.

With that being said a new pay-per-view schedule hasn't been released but Dixie Carter said publicly show wouldn't be opposed to cutting pay-per-views by as much as 50%. Genesis will take place as scheduled in January while it's believed Lockdown will be the show to follow it in March.

  • Stinky Fart Lover

    good move!

  • Andrew

    12 PPVs arent ever needed, hell WWE used to have like what? 18? one for RAW one for SmackDown lol like wtf

  • Louis

    Well yes less PPv is better for TNA but there real problem is consisting storyline one week good one week bad, need to make there titles better the. X title if It's the stepping stone to the world it sbould b more international, get rid of tv title bring in the American, and focus on the stars in there zones,(Kurt gold medalist and has good political views use that as his character, James Storm should b the American cowboy your next Dusty Rhodes, these things is what make TNA better.

  • IntergalacticChamp

    Great move, if they do it, I may buy again. I remember when PPV's were built up for months and u didn't want to miss em. When it got to be every month, it was just like another TV show, except u had to pay, so I stopped.