Backstage News On Who Jeff Jarrett Is Talking With To Become A New Investor In TNA Wrestling; How Him Re-Gaining Control Is Still Considered A Long Shot,The Position Of The Carter Family Including What Dixie Carter Is Looking For In A New Investor

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Earlier this month we reported here on Premium that Jeff Jarrett was actively trying to bring on new investors to TNA Wrestling and was talking with a restaurant chain.

I'm now being told the name of the company Jarrett is talking with to purchase part or all of TNA is called Royal Capital Corporation and are actually based in Georgia (we originally reported they were Nashville-based but that was because one of their subsidiaries is Shoney's North America Corp.).

My source, speaking to me under the condition of anonymity, says Jarrett is hopeful they'll end up with controlling interest which will lead to him re-gaining power of the company. However, I'm told that "could be a long shot."

As things currently stand, Dixie Carter won't want to give up control but if things don't turnaround, Janice could be tempted to sell. The Carter family is currently looking for a minority partner.

  • Fetcher

    Shoney's is one of their subsidiaries? So does that means we'll be seeing a giant Shoney Bear wandering around the Impact Zone if this goes down?

  • _JIM_

    Best thing for TNA would be for J-E-DOUBLE-F J-A-DOUBLE R-E-DOUBLE T (lol) to regain control. It just might be beneficial for someone with knowledge of the business to be in control. Makes sense to me. Dixie’s a nice lady, but she don’t know jack when it comes to running a wrestling company and that is seriously hurting TNA’s growth in a BIG WAY. If her Mom was smart and wanted to suceed she should remove Dixie, find somebody with a wrestling background to replace her, and just give her and Serge a weekly allowance to go away. It would be a heck of a lot cheaper for her because the company just might make some money for her. What a novel idea… A wrestling company that actually MAKES MONEY. You’re welcome…

  • PhilT81

    Jeff Jarrett needs to be in control. Now that he’s less likely to use it as a platform to make himself win constantly I think he’ll do a better job – if Triple H had taken charge several years ago he would have done the same but now he’s mature enough to see the bigger picture.