Backstage News On The WWE Creative Shakeup - Who Made The Decision To Go With Eric Pankowski, The Surprising WWE Executive That Offered Little To No Input, Why Triple H Believes Raw's Ratings Won't Go Up

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I spoke with one of my sources regarding the creative changes in WWE and was told the change was pretty "cut and dry" and nothing was "sneaky" or "outrageous." Basically ratings were down and it was time to make a change; Stephanie McMahon trusts Eric Pankowski thus he was given the position of Senior Vice President of Creative Writing.

My source says it's amazing Brian Gewirtz lasted as long as he did and just about everyone said he was a marked man in terms of being in danger to be replaced. The ratings decline during his tenure was an obvious indicator change was needed and while it isn't believe Pankowski will do much better, most don't see how he can do worse.

The most interesting aspect in the creative changes was how little input Triple H had. Those close to him say he realizes the ratings are going to continue to struggle with Raw's 3 hour format and rather than champion a new writer who ultimately ends up failing as well, he figured it was smart to sit this one out. Vince McMahon and Stephanie were the ones deciding replacements and Hunter was largely mum on the subject.

I'm told every move Hunter is making right now has to do with "planting seeds" for the future and he is in no rush. One observer says it really doesn't matter who is head of creative right now because it's believed Hunter will replace them when he takes over anyway. This is also why so much of his focus right now is on developmental because he is much more concerned with how he plans to shape the product in 3-5 years than what is going on now.

  • Isaac

    You know I have been a fan of some of the changes Triple H has been making….I dont think I will worry as much as others when he takes over.

  • hurrigame

    Triple H thinking about the future? I'm glad SOMEONE is! As for the present, wrestling has always cycled, sometimes booming, others waning. Looks like this is one of the lulls. I look forward to the future with someone ELSE in charge.

  • izblack

    Raw ratings will continue too struggle as long as CM Punk is the champion. He’s not nearly as big a draw as he or his Smark “Living in their mama’s basement never had GF” fans think he is.

    • XKonn247

      I think it’s safe to say that statement is total and utter crap. The ratings have slid since RAW 1000. And honestly it’s hard to find a great RAW in that bunch. This past Monday was improvement but thats one week since June/July. punk has been champion almost a year now do a decline over a three kr four month period proves nothing. Especially given the highest rated segment of this week was Vince vs. PUNK. Not Cena. Not Orton. Punk.

      • izblack

        Had nothing too do with Punk, the ratings boost had too with McMahon. Punk just happened too be the one facing him. Ratings we’re in the crapper a few weeks ago when he appeared in 5 lousy segments, but you have the nerve too tell me that low ratings have nothing too do with Punk’s boring ass title reign

        • XKonn247

          Yes I have “the nerve”. Or the ability to read and see the ratings!!!

    • seakc87

      Troll harder, son.

      • izblack

        Try getting laid son. And blow up dolls don’t count

        • Mark5467

          That’s the great part about this website. Anyone can put their .02 in, stupidity and all. By the way learn the difference between to and too, and let me know how 8th grade graduation goes!

    • amaanakter786

      Erm have you seen the ratings for cm punk segments they are the highest rated of the whole show not to mention his dvd is on track to be the fastest selling within his first week and he added 1 million buys onto MITB last year he is a draw and a huge one at that end off!

  • _JIM_

    Wow, angry much? CM Punk is the best thing going on RAW at this time, and has been since he came back last year. I know nothing of what people “living in their mama’s basement never had a girlfirend” think of Punk, but seeing as how a guy named Vince McMahon thinks of Punk as his number 1B guy, who is right up there with Cena who is 1A, then I’m going to take his word for it. Since considering he run the biggest wrestling promotion in the world I’d say he’s apparently a pretty good judge of talent. Which is good because it’s pretty obvious Punk is overflowing with it. Nobody can touch him on the mic and there aren’t many that have his in-ring talent. So to say the ratings would magically go up to a high level if Punk wasn’t champ really makes no sense to me. So I guess RAW’S ratings would instantly get better if they went back to force feeding us Cena as champ, and maybe if we’re lucky he’ll bust a “freestyle rap” or two for us. That’s an instant ratings booster, and I bet it would really draw the audience back from Monday Night Football. We go through this at the beginning of every NFL season. RAW’S ratings drop the minute Monday Night Football comes back on and they will go back up as soon as their season is over. NOTHING competes with the NFL when it comes to television ratings. God could be WWE Champ and it still wouldn’t effect the ratings as long as it’s football season. After this past weeks show I really can’t wait for the next show. With the performance Vince gave, at his age, it should really light a fire under everyone from the performers to the creative team. Along with the change at the top of creative I’m quite optimistic about what we are going to see in the upcoming weeks.

  • Patrick Peralta

    I'm all so glad HHH is thinking of the futre.. things will stay the same as long as Vince is still alive and well and we know he will not retire and will keep working untill he is no longer with us and is up in the big Wrestling ring in the sky.