Details On WWE's Two Biggest Stars Forming An Alliance Backstage & How They Went To Vince McMahon In An Attempt To Nudge Randy Orton Out Of The Company; Who They Are & Extensive Details On McMahon's Mindset & Current Reasoning For Wanting To Bring Orton Back, Plus The Reaction From The Rest Of The Locker Room Regarding The Changing Political Atmosphere

One of the biggest stories we are currently following is the behind-the-scenes drama involving John Cena and CM Punk trying to nudge Randy Orton out of WWE. So far, their efforts have been unsuccessful with Vince McMahon planning to bring Orton back to the main event scene as soon as his suspension expires.

According to a source with knowledge of McMahon's mindset, his reasoning is two fold. First, with the talent pool as thin as it is right now, McMahon feels it's worth taking the risk of getting behind Orton in a major way again even though he'll be terminated if there are any more Wellness issues. Second, even though Vince isn't normally concerned about TNA, his attitude is different now due to the litigation against WWE and the last thing he wants to do right now is hand TNA a top tier talent on a silver platter.

The most interesting elements in all of this though are the political maneuvers that have been taking place with Cena and Punk. The two of them have become very close over the last year, with Punk feeling like Cena went out of his way to help make him and Cena feeling like Punk is a hard worker and a reliable guy who can help shoulder the burden of carrying the company.

In addition to the mutual respect that has grown between Cena and Punk, both have a mutual dislike for Orton. The feeling is Orton is a prima donna who not only mistreats those beneath him, but is also erratic and unreliable. They both went to Vince to plead their case that Orton was not needed anymore and that Punk could carry the Smackdown brand and the two of them could carry the company. Ultimately Vince didn't go along with it but it did lead to Punk working Smackdown live events while Orton is out.

We'll still be following the story as it's certainly interesting that while the plan is to bring Orton back, Cena and Punk have essentially formed an alliance and are actively seeking to push Orton out of the company. Given the added drama, McMahon has even more difficult ego juggling on his hands. While Vince views Orton as a bigger star than Punk, Cena is still the golden boy. Also, while Orton has a lot of enemies backstage and Cena is generally well-liked, a lot of guys view Punk as an opinionated jerk and don't like the idea of him gaining more stroke and influence due to his friendship with Cena.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    "the last thing he wants to do right now is hand TNA a top tier talent on a silver platter."

    Vince shouldn't worry about TNA if past WWE stars like Hogan, Flair (when he was there ) RVD, Kurt Angle, Gail Kim, Christian and others have not made a difference in TNA's raitings what makes him think Orton would help TNA out.

    • smithmiester

      Because ortons current

    • WillieDberriaN

      Because Orton is a bigger draw than all those names combined.

    • Fernando

      Also, can TNA pay Orton the sum of money he earns in the WWE?

      • Richard Gray

        Probably not but what other option would Randy have?

  • JakShowtime

    You can never keep the drama out of the theater…

  • Doug

    Wow! Lots of good info, Richard! Sometimes when I see this much candor and information in your Premium updates I worry that you might someday be dragged into a legal morass. Do you ever worry about that?

    • Richard Gray

      Thanks Doug. No, I don't worry about that. We aren't violating any laws, just simply reporting the news as we hear it.

      • WillieDberriaN

        That kind of info is worth more than the price of a year’s subscription of premium.

        • Richard Gray

          Thank you I appreciate that.

  • Bobby Wood

    Hmm and I always thought John Cena and Randy Orton were great friends. At least Randy still does!

    • Richard Gray

      They've certainly been off and on but I think John got really upset about Randy's latest suspension.

  • christopher525

    Wonder if Anderson would be welcomed back if they pushed Orton out and requested he come back to the company. Maybe they should push Vince harder to move someone else up while Orton is out to carry his spot. It's damn shame Barrett is out with an injury, I think he could easily handle the job.

  • PainOfDemise

    It is all up to Randy now and how he wants to do it. He is on his last leg. If he screws up again, there is no coming back from this one.

  • peter

    lol that kinda reminds me of the company I work for. I being randy orton and cena , punk a couple of my co-workers. I cant stand haters and rats

  • gibbons08

    I’ve been thinking about Orton and TNA since he got suspended, TNA may not have good ratings but they’ve been putting on a pretty good show lately. I agree with Vince in this one! Orton could bring viewers to TNA, now I’m not saying it would put WWE out of business! It prolly wouldn’t even hurt WWE one bit but it would give TNA a little bit of a push!

  • robert

    I like hearing about stuff that happens backstage and who hangs with who. and it seems maybe someone from wwe is listening to our comments or at least mine because more than 1 year ago i was complaining about guys i didn't like and ones i did, and Mark henry started getting a well deserved push and of course i've sent questions in about Daniel Bryan and comments and things have changed . the way i wanted.

  • michael

    While the admiration that's grown around cena and punk is admirable the "others" backstage might want to remember although punk is opinionated so were a lot of other legends when they were making it

  • ptekin

    I thought orton and cena are friends

    • Richard Gray

      As I mentioned above they've been off and on. John, CM Punk and others are really upset over this latest suspension.

  • Evon Reese

    I don't think Punk is as big as a star as Randy Orton. Whether you like him personally or not he still draws bigger crowds than Punk and if they release Randy Orton now they will regret it.

  • MonsterMike42

    I thought Cena and Orton were friends.

  • Charles

    Certainly getting the money’s worth of premium lately! Great work.

    • Richard Gray

      Thanks Charles we appreciate your support.

  • AntGilroy

    That’s awesome that Punk and Cena started this! It’s like a modern day kliq!! I hate Orton he betrayed his country and a drug addict! Demons that he needs help with for sure!

    Please I hope punk doesn’t go to smack down!!! He is better then that! Unless smack down goes live! I feel like punk will have a much bigger following if he is live and no one know what he is gonna say.

  • thebops

    Ever worried that you’ll get your “shoes shined”, so to speak?

  • dusty588

    I personally think that we have seen all that we're going to see from Orton. He's held both world titles, the Intercontinental Cahmpionship, as well as the tag -titles. He's gone up against Undertaker at WM, and he's headlined WrestleMania in the past. Before he was suspended, it felt like we saw the same type of thing with him, week in and week out. I think that Punk is more than capable to be the face of SmackDown, while still appearing on RAW, and once some talent lower on the roster get more TV time, I don't think it will be long till theres some fresh new main event faces on TV, including Wade Barrett. I think Barrett could be the top heel on SmackDown. Also, great report Richard!

  • _JIM_

    People bad mouthed Hogan, Hall, and Nash for their backstage politics for years, but it sure seems like CM Punk might be the worst offender to date. He’s actually got John Cena working with him to get Orton fired. Seems like Punk knows how to get what he wants. Nothin like having the “golden boy” of the company on your side. With Orton gone Punk would be the unquestioned #2, which would benefit himself a lot more than it would the company IMO. Sounds a bit shady to me, but it is a dirty business, and Punk seems awfully adept at working things for his benefit.

    • Evon Reese

      I think you're exactly right. He's using Cena. He may be straight but he does not have Cenas loyalty

      • Tomas

        Yeah, Cena's wife knows ALL about his loyalty.

  • stoney

    I thought Orton and Cena were BFFs

  • Jamie

    I do like Orton, I would miss him if you was to be terminated, but not that much I would goto TNA to watch him.

    • Evon Reese

      Sorry Jamiei meant to give this a thumbs up not thumbs down. I agree with you