Backstage News From Raw Supershow - Top WWE Star Being Repackaged, What Happened With Vince McMahon In The Closing Segment Of Last Night's Show That Left Several Workers "Annoyed," Just How Last Minute The Plans Were For Dolph Ziggler To Replace Alberto Del Rio At WWE No Way Out

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- There were some WWE officials that felt Tensai's match against World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus was one of his better matches since returning to the company. As was started with the name change and continued last night with the destruction of Sakamoto, the Tensai gimmick is in the process of being repackaged. WWE realizes the initial return run was a bust and are trying to regroup to salvage the gimmick.

- I'm told there were a lot of workers that were annoyed about WWE having the referee signal the "X" after Big Show delivered the inadvertent knockout punch to Vince McMahon to conclude last night's Raw Supershow. For those unaware, the "X" is the signal for a legitimate injury but is used more often than not nowadays in storyline.

- The writing team was scrambling all the way up to hours before Raw Supershow went live on the USA Network last night trying to figure out the plan to replace Alberto Del Rio in the World Heavyweight Championship match at WWE No Way Out. I'm told one script had both Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger being eliminated in a battle royal at the exact same time, setting up a three-way match for the World Heavyweight Championship against Sheamus at the pay-per-view. This of course was scrapped in favor of the fatal 4-way elimination match as it's believed someone realized they already had a triple-threat match for the WWE Championship.

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    My new conspiracy theory is that Dolph Ziggler told Chris Jericho to kick the Brazilian flag, slipped something in Randy Orton’s drink, knocked out Alberto Del Rio, and stepped on R-Truth’s foot just for good measure. Lol 😀