Backstage News On One Former World Heavyweight Champion Currently With A Very Bleak Future In WWE; Details On Who It Is & How They Went From Being A Main Eventer To An Enhancement Talent, Plus A Young Up-And-Coming WWE Star In Line For A Push To The Main Event

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Jack Swagger's Plunge From The Top

I'm told Jack Swagger's future in WWE currently "looks as bright as an alleyway after midnight." He is being told that creative has nothing for him which is why he's been booked as a glorified enhancement talent. One observer commented about how this is a prime example of someone that was pushed too early and wasn't ready mentally or in-ring wise to be World Heavyweight Champion.

Cody Rhodes to the Main Event?

On the flip side, WWE officials are high up on Cody Rhodes and have been exploring plans to elevate him.

  • Lewis

    I'm gutted always been a big fan of Jack Swagger, I hope this isn't the end and something will come about

    • Gary

      How is anyone an actual fan of Jack Swagger? He looks like a school boy with his goofy new hair cut, his mic work sucks and his overall look is nothing to be remembered.

      • Lewis

        I've always been a fan of him, the moment I saw him I said he would be a champion and he was, I agree his mic work sucks but I think hes a good wrestler, not long ago he had an out standing match with Cena.

  • Fernando

    Jack Swagger needs a 180º turn. With the proper use, he could be (saving the distances) the next Kurt Angle. He could be WWE's new American hero.

    • Bault16

      Not a chance.

    • Andre

      Swagger sucks, he'll never be Kurt Angle, he's not even on the same level as Santino Marrella or Zack Ryder

  • Philip Thompson

    He needs to disappear from our screens and reappear completely repackaged into a new gimmick instead of the All-American American.

  • yesyesyes

    @PhilipThompson #Agreed

  • nandy05

    Swagger needs to stop doing the same stupid gorilla entrance, Why Swagger needs to walk to the ring acting like a retarded if he’s booked to be humillated, to be a jobber and to lose every match. shame on you swagger.

  • Patrick Peralta

    Swagger is a good wrestler but I never cared for his " the All-American American. character I thought it made him a Wanna be Kurt Angle. I do agree he needs a new character.

    Even if WWE let him go and he went to TNA , ROH or Japan and was successfull THEN WWE will come knocking to get him back ( which they've done before with others they let go ) only to bury him again WWE just seems to hate if you are successfull with out them.

  • PainOfDemise

    Swagger just needs a full makeover and most of all, a new hair style. If he doesn't change he will be forgotten.

  • samantha_reichle

    What?!?!?! Jack Swagger has potential at least he doesnt botch every match unlike someone else I know!!! *cough cough* Sin Cara *cough cough* They should let that loser go and keep Swagger!!!!

  • Lin

    They've should turn him face, or at least try to. They had a chance after he ditched Michael Cole during Cole's feud with Lawler, but nothing came of that..

  • Andre

    I hope they release him, he was never good too begin with and the fact that he was world champ was just a joke. He won't be missed at all if he leaves. I even hope the door hits his ass on the way out.

  • Charles

    I seem to remember an article on this site a while ago just after his WHC reign ended saying that he was being humbled for having a cocky attitude, but was responding well to it. I guess by the time it all blew over he’d been lost in shuffle and that’s that really. Unfortunate for him, but I can’t say I’d miss that entrance!

  • hurrigame

    Swagger has always come off as a poor man's Kurt Angle. And no matter how they try to refresh his image (Dennis the Menace haircut, anyone?), he still seems like a Kurt ripoff (right down to the ankle lock). I've just never been able to get behind the guy because of it. As for Rhodes, I think he's good, but the lisp bothers me worse than Swagger. In my mind, they're elevating the wrong member of Legacy. Should've been Dibiase.

    • n1ck

      you couldn’t be more wrong about Rhodes…I can’t believe how many marks are on this site nowadays

  • Guy Landau

    He needs a reset… He's a good worker, but his gimmick is like an… "Almost". There's something not quite right about it, but I can't put my finger on it. It's like he's in his gimmick only partially, some of the stuff he does outside of the ring don't fit with some other stuff he does in and out of the ring. Like he isn't sure what type of character he is, which could be a huge detriment when you're wrestling at the stage that he's wrestling. When you're in a small promotion like mine you can get away with it (people see you wrestle once every couple of months and hardly remember you anyway), but not on a stage the size of WWE's.

  • eyepickcotton

    He needs the eagle mascot back

    • thebops

      I actually liked the Eagle – it made Swagger that much more annoying.

  • Chapinb0yy

    Is about time they see cody for what he is. Him and dolph ziggler deserve that main event spot. Ziggler is heading there already. I hope they actually go through with this main event push for both.

  • proud

    Nothing for him? I don’t remember a face turn or a tag team championship reign? It’s so sad

    Well done Cody, you’ve deserved this push since your Wrestlemania match with Mysterio

  • Ryder

    I thought it was Christian good thing its not 🙂