Popular WWE Star Booked As A Jobber Due To Heat With Vince McMahon, New WWE Tag Team Champs?, Details On Who Else WWE Had Side Plates Made For The New Title Belt, Purpose Of This Week's Raw

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- If you're wondering why Kofi Kingston has been booked to look so weak lately, it's not by accident. We're told Kofi has heat from Vince McMahon due to an undisclosed issue and is the reason for Damien Sandow's attack on Raw and jobs to Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes and Jack Swagger.

- To update on The Shield possibly holding the WWE Tag Team Championship, the thinking after this week's Raw was for the belts to rotate in a demolition gimmick where they can be defended by any combination of three.

- We're told WWE also made side plates for CM Punk and John Cena to be used on the new WWE Championship belt. This was done so they could control leaks and no one would know when they were unveiling the belt on television. Punk's plates have his lightning bolt fist. As for the internal reaction to the belt, the company sees it as "very marketable" and we're told that Mattel had a part in its development.

- This week's WWE Raw was widely viewed as a throwaway show that would bank off the fallout from Elimination Chamber. Basically the idea was to setup things for next week even though neither The Rock nor Chris Jericho are scheduled. In addition to the Vince McMahon/Paul Heyman fight and number one contender match between John Cena and CM Punk, Brock Lesnar is officially advertised.

  • Thanks for the news Richard. Can you speculate or find out what Kofi did?

  • Winnipeg

    awe jeez Kofi, make up to Vince before its too late!

    • stoney

      Vince isn’t a very forgiving person

  • JL

    I guess being travel buddies with CM Punk can’t even save Kofi from the raft of Vince.

    • ericdraven86

      Well, Vince makes a lot more than Punk, so he can afford a bigger raft.

  • I admit, I was initially a skeptic but I’m starting to love the new strap. The interchangeable side plate idea is genius. Adds so much more meaning than a little engraved nameplate.

  • JakShowtime

    ,Isn’t the “Anyone in the stable can defend the tag titles” generally referred to as the Freebird Rule?

    • EricDraven86

      It was the Freebird Rule at one time. That was established under a different promotion though. Demolition had the same deal working back in 1990, so they are going with the WWE name, as if it were the original. Just another part of history being excluded to make the WWE appear to be the originators.

      • JakShowtime

        Fair enough, but I’m pretty sure that I’ve heard WWE themselves refer to it as The Freebird Rule on a few occasions. Like back when the Spirit Squad did it.

        Though I wouldn’t put it past WWE to conveniently forget about the past…

  • Kleck

    Wonder if it was the RR spot involving the chair.

  • Kingjansie

    Think Vince was mad about Kofi replying to Trent Bareta? Not very babyface…

  • I wonder if this is because of what happened at the RR

  • stoney

    Once you get on Vince’s bad side, you’re on there for a very long time, or for the rest of your WWE career

  • Chris

    “It should never look like a toy…” except when we have a toy company help design it, of course.