Injury At Raw, Whose Stock Is Surging After Their Performance On This Week's Show, Plans Set For The Return Of Mr. McMahon, Daniel Bryan After Orton, HHH Blasted Over Controversial Promo, CM Punk's Next Program, Bray Wyatt Injury Update, Kane's Re-Introduction To WWE TV

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Backstage news from Monday Night Raw in Memphis…

- Dean Ambrose landed awkwardly on his leg during his match with Daniel Bryan and was seen limping around backstage.

- Big E Langston's stock got a huge bump for his work on this week's show. We're told "the powers that be" see the "it" factor in him that is lacking in many of the other big names. It's no secret that Vince McMahon is high up on Langston but he gained even more support Monday night.

- There is a plan in place to put Vince McMahon back on television as the "reason" why Big Show has been around lately. However, there is not a plan of where they go after that is introduced.

- We heard there are eventual plans for Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H and it could happen sooner than anyone thinks. While this might surprise some people, we're told it could happen as early as Survivor Series, however, will likely go on after that.

- There was a lot of chatter backstage about Triple H name-dropping Chris Jericho, Edge and Rob Van Dam in his promo. I spoke with someone who expressed how none of the three were willing to "sign their life" away to be under contract with the company (Jericho & RVD have obviously been able to work out favorable part-time deals). One observer noted how Edge was a bigger part of growing WWE than Hunter was from his promos to in-ring work. While obviously Hunter was following a script, this rubbed a lot of the boys the wrong way.

- CM Punk has been meeting with the writing team and Vince McMahon about his next program. He's enjoyed his work with Paul Heyman but is eagerly awaiting what's next.

- Bray Wyatt was walking much better this week than he was last week and no one I spoke with saw him on crutches. We're told the plan is after Wyatt "destroys" The Miz that Kane is scheduled to return and avenge his destruction.

  • dektcmpunx

    so this probably means orton is winning the title with punk chasing and trips will cost bryan the title setting up their match…lame

  • Gary Robert

    Kane returns to avenge? Well, that’s dumb. I was hoping for Kane to return and become another brainwashed member of the family. What was the point of carrying him away last time if to just have him randomly return with all the time away?

  • Xavier

    I must admit that I’m very unfamiliar with Big E’s work in NXT because I don’t really get a chance to watch NXT on a regular basis but from what I’ve seen of his recent face turn I’ve enjoyed. Even as a heel I though he executed his move set really well. For the 1st time in FOREVER I’m looking forward to seeing a match involving Curtis Axel; Mainly because I have a feeling that the end of Axel’s title run is coming to an end this Sunday. Big E as the IC champion sounds good to me. From what I’ve read on various sites it appears that Big E’s first major feud as a face will come against Ryback which I actually think is a good starting point for him, some probably would disagree though.

    I understand the reason for Vince coming back, obviously it explains Big Show being able to do what he’s been doing. But at the same time it still doesn’t make sense. Vince was on board with Steph, Triple H & Orton the night after Summerslam when they screwed over Bryan and was Bryan’s main antagonist before Triple H & Orton turned heel so hopefully WWE does a decent job of explaining Vince’s change of heart. Because pretty much everything Triple H & Steph have done since he left TV is probably the same stuff he’d be doing. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

    It’s funny how people and some wrestlers complain about how corny WWE-PG is nowadays then when someone comes along and drops a semi edgy promo along the lines of which Triple H cut yesterday people get all sensitive about it, I bet these are the same people who loved every second of Punk’s pipebomb though, gotta love wrestling fans sometimes. The promo was really good and had a lot of truth to it which is why it hit a nerve with a lot of people including Jericho. Thankfully Edge understands how the business works, I loved his response on twitter when a fan asked him about it.

    Bryan/Triple H makes a whole lot of sense at this point considering all the back & forth between the two of them. Makes me wonder if HBK turns heel at HIAC and screws over Bryan or not. All I know is that WWE creative needs to do something with Bryan & Orton ASAP because they are completely being over shadowed by HBK & Triple H right now which was clearly evident on Monday. HBK & Triple H came off looking so much better on the mic and more interesting in general.

    Wyatts/Kane is makes sense. I’m kind of glad Kane is coming to seek revenge rather then become a brainwashed servant. For some reason that doesn’t seem all that interesting to me. I think a guy like Bray Wyatt would be the prefect opponent for a guy like CM Punk though, imagine the back & forth between the two of them on the mic. That would be some must see TV right there. Just like Punk I’m eagerly awaiting the end of this AWFUL Punk/Heyman feud, I know I’m going to take a lot of crap for saying that but that feud hasn’t been interesting since Lesnar’s hand was raised following that epic encounter with Punk at Summerslam. You can’t go from Lesnar to Axel and then to a guy like Ryback who’s lost pretty much every single major match he’s been involved in and expect things to sustain momentum. Just saying.

    Well that’s my 2 cents on everything lol.

    • dektcmpunx

      spot on…..does triple h go after bryan as champion? Or does Orton go on as champ and feud with someone else?

    • Jay El Bee

      You’re definitely right about Triple H’s promo, it worked because he name dropped people that the fans still care about. If he would have said JBL, the Miz & Del Rio or something like that I doubt we’d still be talking about it.